How to drink green barley


The common question that we get from prospective clients is: “HOW TO DRINK GREEN BARLEY?”

Here’s how:

  • Buy green barley from authorized distributors ONLY. Contact us at +63917 452 4741, if you’re interested with our product. You may ask about membership for personal use or for business purposes or both. Please note that it’s automatic dealership-membership upon buying 1box of green barley.
  • Remove the cap of the green barley bottle. Fill the bottle with 250ml COLD water: purified, mineral, or alkaline. How much is 250ml? Please take a look at the water level indicated at the picture below.
  • Shake the bottle well.
  • For first time user/drinker of green barley juice, drink 30ml of green barley for the first 3 days. It’s the minimum dosage for adults. You may increase the dosage on the 4th day and onwards. There’s no overdose.

How to measure 30ml of green barley:

  • Keep the green barley bottle refrigerated. One bottle of green barley is good for 7 days, refrigerated. Don’t drink directly from the bottle to avoid spoilage.
  • Best time to drink green barley: Drink 30ml green barley 30minutes BEFORE MEAL or 2 hours AFTER MEAL. In cases of emergency, drink green barley anytime.

Recommended Timing to Drink Green Barley and its Benefits (according to Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, the scientist behind green barley)

  1. MORNING (on an empty stomach): green barley brings life to mind and body; and provides shot of nutrition
  2. AFTERNOON: green barley removes drowsiness
  3. NIGHT (before retiring): green barley lowers acidity in blood; aids in sleep

Recommended Dosage of Green Barley:

recommended dosage of green barley

Dosage of Green Barley by Age and by Health Condition

Please do note that green barley can also be applied topically for skin problems and other skin diseases.

For certain diseases, please don’t hesitate to call us at 0917 452 4741. Green Barley is suitable for diabetics. We have lots of clients who escaped amputation by drinking green barley, and by applying green barley topically on their wounds.

For your health and wealth,

Green Barley Philippines Team
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