Green Barley and the Leading Causes of Death in the Philippines

Green Barley Helps Combat the Leading Causes of Death in the Philippines

Recent data show that the leading causes of mortality in the Philippines are heart diseases and various types of cancer. Most deaths caused by heart diseases are unexpected. On the other hand, deaths caused by cancers are usually caused by late detection.  However, these sicknesses are highly treatable and even avoidable when early detection during a general checkup. And though an executive checkup is a sensible health investment, alas, not every Filipino can afford its cost. But this sad reality doesn’t have to be the cause of early or unexpected mortality.

With authentic, organic health products such as Green Barley, Filipinos can prevent a vast number of sicknesses that can cause sudden death. Whole grains have long been acclaimed as vital healthy diet supplements and studies show that barley is possibly the grain that contains the most health benefits. In fact, barley is presumed as the most valuable in reducing cholesterol as it contains soluble fiber that effectively counter the formation of bad cholesterol.

Barley and Its Benefits

When it comes to nutrients, barley is packing! You’ll get five times more iron with barley than a cup of fresh spinach leaves. And that’s just one impressive example of the nutrients that you can get from this particular whole grain. Like Barley can even slow down aging because it’s also oozing with powerful antioxidants. This remarkable grass contains chlorophyll that prevents toxins from damaging the body’s digestive system. Barley grass “real food” powder like Green Barley can provide the body with the same results.

Barley against Diseases

The various health benefits of barley grass have manifested overtime. In fact, since 8000 B.C. barley has been the go-to grain of people all over the world thus the considerable measure of medical exploration over it. Nutrients like proteins, healthy body chemicals and antioxidants are just proofs of the medical fact that the body can gain a lot from barley. With Green Barley, you not only treat dangerous kinds of diseases but you can actually prevent them from happening.

For instance, avoiding heart attack using barley is possible. Due to the grain’s beta-glucan, a popular soluble fiber that hogties with the cholesterol during digestion thus preventing body absorption can unfailingly lower cholesterol.  Furthermore, enzymes like Fatty Acid Oxidase that results in that cause fats breakdown in the body can be found in barley.

Moreover, among the many grave diseases barley can have power over is cancer. Because of the enzymes, antioxidants and fibers that are present in this particular whole grain can stall the reproduction of cancer cells; it logically follows that the barley can help prevent cancer. As for cancer cure, barley can assist the body in destroying formed cancer cells while simultaneously repairs broken cell molecules.

Aside from heart diseases and cancers, barley can also help Filipinos prevent and cure sicknesses such as ulcerative colitis, rheumatism, asthma, constipation and more. In fact, barley can likewise assist in treating sexual impotence and infertility.

Prevention is better than cure

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. With Green Barley organic supplement, Filipinos can start preventing potential diseases without emptying their pockets.

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