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With the vast variety of junk foods in the market these days, it’s no wonder that healthy diet seems to be a hard feat for many people. The body needs essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, amino acids and enzymes to function properly. A lot of these nutrients can’t be found on junk foods. Even veggies and fruits can be a danger to one’s health especially if the plant foods are chemically fertilized.

Thank goodness for Green Barley! This particular type of green grass is recognized as (if not one of) the most nutritious plant food. Barley is packed with a broad spectrum of nutrients the body needs. Organic barley, the main ingredient of Green Barley, contains “superoxide dismutase,” an enzyme important to anti-aging agent (among other benefits.)

Green Barley Delays the Aging Process

A lot of people don’t eat as much organic foods as they should be. This is an unfortunate event as these types of food prevent a number of illnesses and medical conditions. The good thing is superfoods such as Green Barley are readily available in the market these days. This barley juice is packed with live enzymes that can provide much needed energy to the body.

Superoxide Dismutase in Green Barley

One exceptional live enzyme that provides the body with anti-aging benefit is called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). Green Barley is loaded with this powerful antioxidant.

SOD is an indispensable complete enzyme found in every cell in the body. This means that contrary to digestive enzyme usually found in saliva and stomach that break down food, SOD behave as an accelerator in every cell reactions. Furthermore, SOD not only break downs food but the toxins that are usually the cause of serious illnesses such as cancer, heart ailments and the likes. These toxins also accelerate the body’s aging process. . But with the help of SOD found in Green Barley, the anti-aging process of the body won’t be a problem anymore.

How Superoxide Dismutase Can Help the Body’s Anti-Aging Process

SOD is the cardinal reason on how the body can control superoxide within its cells. Moreover, SOD has a dual purpose: an antioxidant that get rids of free radicals in the body and anti-inflammatory, a substance that reduces inflammation in the body. SOD can help the body’s anti-aging process because the zinc, manganese as well as copper on it can cure aging ailments such as arthritis, corneal ulcers, and bowel diseases. Damages from long term smoking habits and radiation can also be healed by SOD.

With the vast medical inventions and discussions now that September is the Anti-Aging Month, some experts treat aging as a disease rather than a natural progression of life. Because of this, products like Green Barley that is known to delay the process or “stop-age-agents” are frequently recommended as a “real food” supplement that can help the body slow down the process.

Further benefits of Green Barley’s Superoxide Dismutase

1. Rejuvenates the immune system.
2. Promotes correct respiratory system functions.
3. Supports neurological and visual health.
4. Revitalize body cells.
5. Alleviate muscle soreness.

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