Green Barley Philippines Observes September 29, 2012: World Heart Day

World Heart Day: Green Barley for Heart Problems

green barley fights heart attack

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Green Barley from barley grass is packed with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, amino acids, enzymes and powerful antioxidant. Barley is also rich in fiber, which makes it the “superfood” ideal to help the body in dealing with coronary problems.

Green Barley, a juice that is formulated using organic barley leaf, is high in fiber that helps in lowering LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and high blood pressure – the two main culprits for coronary heart disease.

Green Barley Benefits Heart Problems: World Heart Day

September 29, 2012 marks the 12th anniversary of World Heart Day. This celebration was formed to bring awareness to people all over the world that heart disease is now the leading cause of death worldwide. The worldwide celebration aims to spread the word on how to fully prevent and cure heart diseases. Yearly, the 29th of September is the day where new information, news, and other info relating to heart ailments are dispersed. Activities like forums and screenings, fun movements such as walkathons and marathons are organized to further promote awareness.

Green Barley Benefits Heart Problems: Related Studies and Statistics

Because barley is the only plant food that is said to have all the nutrients the body needs to survive, researchers, and inventors focus their time and abilities to make the most out of barley leaf. Various studies show that barley is indeed the grass that work wonders on people with heart ailments.


  • From American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – a concluded experiment showed that people who have a diet rich with fiber that can be found on barley saw a substantial drop on their bad cholesterol levels.
  • From Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases – researchers discovered that people who consume barley has a lower chances of having coronary heart disease.
  • From Journal of the American Medical Association- studies showed that women who eat/drink barley/barley juice have a lower risk of developing heart ailments such as stroke.
  • From Archives of Internal Medicine – studies showed that the fiber in the barley leaf contains a lower amount of glycemic index that can slow down digestion and reduce cardiovascular problems.


Prevention of Heart Problems: GREEN BARLEY

It’s crucial to take good care of your heart, regardless if you’ve been diagnosed with a coronary heart disease or not. It’s also important that you take actions to prevent heart ailments. Alternative practices such as stop smoking, doing yoga, reducing your stress level are just few examples on how you can live a better lifestyle to have a healthier heart.
Aside from these practices, drinking Green Barley can also help you with your heart problems. It’s significant to note thought that even though Green Barley benefits heart problems, it’s still advisable to maintain a holistic lifestyle by observing what you eat, exercising on a daily basis, having a good night sleep, and a good relationship with others.

Symptoms of Heart Problems that you need to watch out for

These are the main indications of heart problems that you must make an effort to check out.

  • Palpitations of the heart
  • Constant dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Regular chest pain
  • Shortness of breath

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