Green Barley Philippines Observes September 2012 as Fruits and Vegetables Month

Does your daily diet include fruits and vegetables?

fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables Photo Credit: Suat Eman

If not, now is the time to start incorporating fruits and vegetables on your daily intake.

Sept.2012 “Fruits and Vegetables – More Matters Month.” This awareness campaign for the month of September is a contract chaired by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the Produce for Better Health Foundation. The partnership’s primary goal is to accomplish an increase to fruits and veggies’ daily consumption.

Fruits and Vegetables – More Matters Month is a relatively new and redesigned campaign of the 5-A-Day Awareness Program that aims to inspire others to consume more fruits and veggies to strengthen the body and avoid illnesses. The program showcases ways on how to eat more plant foods – 100% juice, dried, frozen, fresh, canned and the likes.

A Brand New Beginning with Green Barley this September

A lot of people perceive January as the start of something new, with New Year’s resolutions and all. But even at the latter part of the year, you can make a fresh start. With the start of a brand new school year (USA), parents can incorporate fruits and veggies to their children’s diet. One way of doing this is by fixing them a glass of barley. This juice can rejuvenate the body, providing it with more energy. This awesome plant food product not only works for students but practically to anyone who wishes to prevent and/or cure certain illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure and many more.

The Importance of Green Barley in this Month’s Celebration of Fruits and Vegetables

Green Barley is made up of barley grass that is known to be a powerful plant food eaten since 8000 BC. The antioxidant that can be found in this barley juice is so potent that it can eradicate cancer cell formations. See, antioxidants found in fruits and veggies can eliminate dangerous effects of free radicals and pollution in the body.
Barley, a juice that can be consumed by everyone regardless of age, can benefit various body systems, particularly the respiratory system. Barley shields body cells from the hazardous free radicals and harmful chemicals. These dangerous elements, if not prevented, can bombard body cells leaving them too damage and weak to fight off viruses and bacteria.
Recent studies show that antioxidants from fruits and vegetables can even heal health conditions like asthma and other chronic respiratory illnesses.

How to Incorporate Green Barley and other Fruits and Veggies to Your Daily Diet

1. For people who are always on the go, mix the barley powder in a tap (or cold) water and put the liquid in your spill-proof mug. Drink the juice 30 minutes before mealtime or 2 hours after.
2. Adding fruits and veggies on your diet doesn’t have to a rocket science. If you weren’t able to buy fresh fruits/veggies for dinner, use barley as a substitute.
3. If you’re on a budget, barley juice is the way to go. You don’t have to break the bank just to eat healthily and correctly. A bottle of powdered barley can go a long way.
4. Replace alcoholic beverages, sodas and other sugary drinks with Green Barley.

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