Healthy cells make a healthy body

healthy cells make up healthy you

Do you know why you’re sick?

Sickness/illness doesn’t spare any person. Poor or rich people alike do get sick, and even those who have obsessive-compulsive tendencies for cleanliness do acquire flu or stubborn virus.

When a person gets sick, we may or may not know what causes the illness, even our doctors may be facing some errors in giving us the diagnosis. But, oftentimes, there’s one reason why a person gets sick.

It’s All About What We Eat That Brings Chaos to Our Cells!

What did you have for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, and the snacks in between? I’m guilty: I took my lunch outside – big muffins, coffee, and for my dinner – burger and oily chicken.

Nowadays, we are all guilty of depending on the fast foods – for lack of time to prepare quality foods at home, or the busyness of our lives in achieving more of what we can do on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re one busy person, then most of the time, anything to fill your tummy will do. If you have someone to cook quality food for you, then you’re lucky to be, at least, eating home-made meals. Nowadays, both home-made food and fast foods don’t normally fall into the healthy foods. Why? It’s because of the ingredients used, and the way of preparing the food.

Majority of our food nowadays are processed, and are not grown organically. Only a few of us subscribe to eating raw foods, fruits and vegetables. Majority of us are now into modern foods, overly cooked meat, burger, pastas, fries, and others that normally just boost our bad cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, and high uric acid, and more side effects, thus leading to the disturbance of our cells.

Healthy Cells Make Up Healthy Body

If only everybody would know about this fact:

“Life begins, is maintained, and ends at the cellular level”

Then, we’d all be healthy and free from any sickness/disease, and irreparable body damage.

Our cells make up our tissues, and our tissues form our organs.

But do we all know? What happened to our elementary science knowledge about cells wherein we were taught that cells are the units that make up all living matters, that cells enable our bodies to function, and that cells have the capacity to build, repair, maintain, die, and form new cells?

As we grow older, we tend to have forgotten that what makes a healthy body is a healthy cell. We do anything that is contrary to providing a healthy cell environment. We eat anything that doesn’t conform to healthy standards for our cells.

How do we make a healthy cell?

When we eat something that disturbs the pH balance of our cells, that’s when the problem comes in. When our diet tends to fall more on the acidic side, the cells’ proper growth and regulation tend to be disrupted. The acidity-alkalinity ratio of our bodies is unbalanced; hence, one gets sick slowly or abruptly, without warning.

One way to keep our cells healthy is to create the environment with proper balance of the essential nutrients for the cells to perform their functions to the tissues, and the tissues to our vital organs.

Our Cells Need Healthy Foods

What we eat is what we feed our cells, the vital units that make up of what we are! The old saying, “what you eat is what you are” holds true.

Are you eating healthy foods? Are you feeding your cells healthy foods?

A SUPERFOOD that is said to be good for our bodies is GREEN BARLEY A TOTAL FOOD. It’s what our cells need in order for them to be healthy, to be properly doing their functions. Healthy cells make up healthy tissues and healthy tissues provide healthy organs, and healthy organs make up a healthy body.

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