The War Between Orthodox Medicine And Alternative Medicine: Which Side Are You?

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Orthodox Medicine versus Alternative Medicine. Stop the War!

How do you define health? How do you measure it? How do you maintain it? How do you achieve optimum health? These are some of the many questions that seem to be elusive of answers.

My common observation: we don’t seem to take good care of our health. We eat, we drink – anything. We take what’s forbidden. Who knows what’s forbidden anyway? Who dictates what should we eat, drink or not? Is there someone who can tell us on what should be served at the table, or what should we eat when outside home?

While health practitioners and nutritionists may be bombarding us with the best practices when it comes to eating the right kinds of foods, our orientation and exposure may not be jibing as to what should we be putting into our body. Our daily exposure to the media play a large part on what we are doing to our bodies.

Our kids are exposed to the lure of eating out. Who’s not guilty of telling our kids that should they behave well, we’d treat them to their favorite fast foods? Who inflicts on their fragile minds the concept of eating out? Who makes it appear like it’s a tradition to eat out after getting tired from window-shopping at the malls?

In general, mankind, since the improvement of cookery, eats twice as much as nature requires. – Ben Franklin

It’s human nature to be enticed to what’s IN, to be lured into believing about one thing. Just like in the case of choosing between medicines or natural treatments. Majority prefers the pills rather than using food as medicine. Why? Because the former is what’s IN; the latter seems to be a distant reality for others.

Yes, let’s take a look at the raging war behind the orthodox medicine and the alternative medicine. Are you aware about these two different things and practices? Who cares about these, anyway, one would say, for as long as you’re breathing in and out, eating out, getting to the top of your life, and more – yes, why bother? But you should be bothered!

We should take time to understand these two kinds of medicine. It’s surprising that only a few of us know that there exists such war behind orthodox or traditional medicine and alternative or preventive medicine.

Honestly, I was once a person who was left unaware about this raging war – until I managed to read through, and get to know more about alternative medicine in the form of green barley a total food. Having been exposed to amazing natural health benefits of green barley, I have learned to discover more about the field of preventive medicine, and dislike even more the orthodox medicine.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t discard at all the emergency benefits and the big help of medical practitioners. They are all necessary and helpful in terms of giving immediate relief and overall health guidance. What I’d like to arrive at is that, in terms of managing my total wellness, I am more attuned with preventing and tracing what causes the imbalance/sickness than taking the steps at the time that the damage is irreversible or too difficult to cure. In my experience in my advocacy escapade with green barley, I realized that only a few people would take green barley for preventive measures. Majority of those who take green barley have this knowledge that they should only drink it when they’re sick, or that they believe even more in the powers of medicines than any herbal drinks. I cannot blame you. I was once in your shoes.

I am glad though that people nowadays are taking their time out to seek about how they can manage their well-being without the need for medications. I am not saying you shouldn’t consult with your doctor. What I am saying is that, on a day-to-day basis, consult the “physician” within you. If only you’d allow yourself to trust your body that it can heal or maintain good health with the help of nature, you’ll be amazed to discover that there’s a “healer” within you or that your body is designed to heal naturally with out succumbing to the traditional approach of taking pills, even for just a simple headache.

Speaking from a mother’s heart, I witnessed with my children the good and bad side of relying on medicine. I do not discount the skill and charisma that my children’s baby doctor has on my kids when we do consult him or take our kids to the hospital under his care. But there was an instance in the past when I was shocked with the way the other doctors had treated my babies during the routine check-ups when one of my babies were admitted for gastro problems.

The original baby doctor was sure of what he was doing – but during the routine check ups made by other doctors, they were not sure of what to say to me, of what diagnosis and dosage to administer to my baby then. I saw it when the IV drip and the thing that was inserted into it made my baby cry hysterically! I cried with my baby for the pain that she went through with having to take large doses of antibiotics, because the hospital mandated so, because I was told, it’s necessary to take all – otherwise, there would be no effect! But in my mind, it was contradicting their practice. I knew then that time that they should be dealing with the patient and not because it would be somehow a trial and error way to deal with the symptom.

In my experience, THE WAR BETWEEN THE TWO KINDS OF MEDICINE IS LIKE THIS: Some (I say some, not all) medical practitioners separate the patient and the disease. It’s like having to look at a patient as a case about the disease, and not looking at the patient’s capability to allow the self to heal naturally. Why should hospitals and medical practitioners depend too much on the commerciality of medicines? Nowadays, when my babies have diarrhea or fever, I don’t bring them to the hospital right away. I try to see how their bodies are doing with regard to natural healing through the help of green barley, and water therapy. When they seem fine at all despite having some mild symptoms, I just let them stay at home. Of course, it’s a different thing when their symptoms become uncontrollable. That’s the only time I seek the help of their baby doctor. With green barley at hand, I am thankful that my kids are well taken care of. I don’t know anything that will make my mind at peace with regard to my children’s health.
To define health in terms of alternative medicine, it’s not the absence of disease but rather helping the body naturally to achieve oneness with nature, with what’s organic, with what’s natural like green barley. It helps a lot in clearing out the symptom of the disease or illness in question without creating havoc on other vital organs of our body.

While no one knows about the best remedy to end the raging war between orthodox and alternative medicine, what is important is that a person or patient is made aware of his potential to make choices. Don’t just offer the traditional way of diagnosing and treating such patient by offering at once the medicine or prescription while looking at the person as a medical case. Sometimes it’s scares me when I’m prescribed with medicines, and I’m told: “Take this and see me after two weeks”, for I don’t know the adverse effects that the medicines might have on me. Isn’t it much better, if we’re FIRST instead allowed to take on the safe side – natural way to heal? Of course, sometimes, this won’t be the case especially when the symptoms have already gone beyond our control. The best thing, indeed, is to take daily preventive measures so as not to be caught off guard when our health takes its toll.

One thing I believe, orthodox medicine won’t give us a guarantee for achieving optimum health that one should have, while it may solve a certain problem or two. The best is preventive or alternative medicine – which allows a person to have a say with regard to achieving the best and natural healing all the way. Which side are you?

In reality though, perhaps a marriage between the two fields of medicine may be a good idea. And the person that can make that happen is YOU – ME, for, with God in our lives, every one of us is a natural healer.

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