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Today’s medicine has advanced far beyond the practices of even a single generation ago. In the past, a lot of blanket treatments were used: techniques and medicines that were believed to treat most (if not all) versions of a particular illness or condition. As medicine has progressed, many medical institutions have come to realize that each individual person has a different reaction to conditions and diseases, and that the best treatment occurs only when we discover the ideal concentration of naturally occurring substances in the body that can address, treat, and cure those conditions. This practice, largely developed by two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, is referred to as orthomolecular medicine.

Orthomolecular medicine takes a holistic approach to discovering the root cause of the problem in a patient, and attempts to address the issue through natural means. The core concepts behind this practice can be broken down as follows.

1) Properly analyze and diagnose the condition, and avoid the use of pharmacological drugs for treatment if possible. Synthetic solutions are riskier than treatment through the increase or decrease of already existing substances in the body.

2) The individual’s genetic makeup and unique condition determine what type of treatment should be used. Often, it is only possible to discover the ideal treatment through therapeutic trial.

3) Follow-up visits and continued monitoring are necessary to maintain the optimal concentrations of required vitamins, micronutrients, phytochemicals, etc. Health and wellness usually require more than a single visit or short-term treatment plan.

4) Ensure that the patient is well-informed, and is hopeful of recovery.

5) Inspire and teach the patient to view his/her health as a lifetime commitment.

Ultimately, improved nutrition is the aim of orthomolecular medicine. The orthomolecular practice is not adverse to using drugs when they offer the only true solution for a situation, as determined by the individual’s needs. However, in many cases, a natural solution is available. This balance is what separates orthomolecular medicine from Holistic medicine and conventional medicinal practices.

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