Green Barley Products

Green Barley Products from the Philippines

Below are the following green barley products that you can buy from us. We have a lot more like green barley soap, slimming coffee, wonder agaricus coffee/chocolate, lemon grass, and so on. Send your inquiry about our barley products at

1. Green Barley Product Pack (1 box with 28 bottles of Green Barley) – BESTSELLER*

green barley product pack

green barley product pack
photo credit: our business partner in malaysia

4 Different flavors of our bestseller green barley products

a) tropical

b) carrots

c) melon

d) choco


2. Green Barley Booster (1 box = 30 sachets)

green barley sachet

green barley sachet (you can buy via points as member)
photo credit: our business partner in malaysia

3. Green Barley Capsule


green barley capsule
photo by HWIC

Interested about our other green barley products? You may drop us a line at or give us a ring at +63915 263 3955.

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