Barley powder: ingredient in life-boosting tonic

I recently read about Cory Quirino’s article, Wellness on a different level, and there she mentioned about life-boosting tonic recipe which included barley powder. I’m posting herewith a portion of that article:

Life-boosting tonic:

Ingredients: Anything green in your refrigerator, or better yet, your garden.

Handfuls of green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, arugula)

Sprouts (alfalfa, beansprouts, raddish)

2 tbsp barley powder

1 glass fresh coconut water

1 packet of wheat grass

1 tsp raw wild honey

Juice the vegetables and mix the rest in a blender. Feel energized!
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I couldn’t agree more with her when she said that our body evolves when we drink enyzme-rich beverages. I’ll follow Cory Quirino’s juicing recipe. I’ll add my barley powder to the above ingredients and see the tremendous effect that this power juice will make on my body.

I’ve also seen the amazing health benefits of drinking power juices (including green barley powder juice).  If you want to try our barley powder juice and just mix it with plain water, please don’t hesitate to contact Green Barley Philippines. Here’s the link on how you can buy our barley powder juice in bottle form.

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