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Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, the scientist behind the barley powder juice discovered this amazing food out of personal tragedy. When he was just 38 years old, he lost his health. His teeth were falling, his hair was graying. He tried to regain his health by taking modern drugs and synthetic vitamins and minerals but without much success. He also tried other herbal medicines and cleansing diets but he achieved some results.

Out of the many green plants which he studied in over 10 years, he discovered that it’s only the barley plant that’s SUPERIOR among all others. Dr. Hagiwara was able to regain his health through his amazing barley product, a food concentrate of natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and chlorophyll.

There are many barley powder juice products in the market nowadays. In the Philippines, the first brand of green barley that was introduced is the Green Barley powder juice product that’s locally manufactured by Health Wealth Corp since 2006. Just be very careful when buying barley powder in the Philippines as there are many copycats of this green barley juice.

The Green Barley Philippines Web site at and Green Barley Saves Web site at are the first Web sites that really catapulted the online search for green barley in the Philippines. The first search about green barley in the Philippines came only during the late 2010. These two Web sites came into existence in mid2010, when the barley lady-founder of these two Web sites was just a drinker/user of green barley.

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