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We have two barley juices to choose from: the green barley classic and the fruit punch barley chia juice. This is our new Barley Juice: the Fruit Punch with real chia seeds and green barley! Try it to experience the punch! Call us at +63917 452 4741 and look for MsDej. Our Facebook page:

One of the most popular forms of healthy green juices is green barley juice which comes from the most nutritious plant, barley grass. It can be taken either purely or as a juicing ingredient in other juices. Our barley brands, the green barley classic and ultimate fruit punch with real chia seeds and green barley, are the best trending super juices in the Philippines.

Why Barley Juice?

Barley grass is best taken in juice form for fast and easy absorption/assimilation of the nutrients in the body. We also have barley in capsule form, and it contains pure barley.

Barley juice is a super food. It harbors both nutritional and health benefits to the consumer. Nutritional experts and doctors alike recommend its use for proper diet and nutrition. But its benefits do not just stop in dealing with nutritional deficiencies. Its essential nutrients help with giving our bodies its optimum health:

  • Aesthetics, especially skin care and anti-aging
  • Weight management
  • Boost immune system
  •  Best aid for those with poor sleeping habits
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Promotes clear thinking
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body
  • and more!

How does Barley Juice achieve the aforementioned benefits?

Barley juice contains in total 20 amino acids including the eight essential ones that the body cannot produce on its own. These include, Valine (improves sleeping habits), Alanine, L-tyrosine (suppress appetite), Argine (heal wounds and enhance hormone production) just to mention a few. These amino acids are very essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Barley juice also contains vitamins including vitamin K and alkaline minerals. Vitamins are very crucial in protecting the body from ailing since the  absence of which permits the related health complications. The various minerals help in building immune system, building bones and even as anti aging agents. Folic acid helps in the synthesis of the DNA and cell building, along many other roles.

In addition, barley juice has enzymes, which are helpful in the weight loss process, among others. They include cytochrome oxidase, peroxidase, fatty acid oxidase, catalase and transhydrogenase. These five enzymes are efficient in the decomposition of fats, hence natural healthy weight loss.

This healthy powerhouse juice also contains chlorophyll, which has its own benefits to the human health and nutrition. This substance is effective for detoxifying the body as it cleans the lymphatic system and nourishes the vascular system. Foods harboring chlorophyll such as barley juice are good transporters of oxygen that is essential clear thinking faculties, stimulates tissue growth and it reduces the intake of carcinogens by the body.

It is important to note that even though the use of barley juice as a natural remedy for health issues, it’s still important that you do other things and activities that will help your body achieve holistic state of health such as having a good exercise habits, good sleeping habits, and healthy self-esteem, and more. We also encourage that you should make sure you’re buying and drinking the original green barley juice, as there are lots of fake barley products out there.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our barley products, please set an appointment with us by emailing us at We have two barley juices to choose from, as mentioned earlier: 1) Green Barley Classic and 2) Fruit Punch Barley with real chia seeds.

Today’s New Year. Happy New, Healthy You!

Take charge of your life the barley way.

Green Barley Philippines Team

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