Health benefits of barley powder

Barley is a member of the grass family and is a nutritious plant food because of its essential nutrients. This article outlines some health benefits of barley powder and explains why it should be an important part of your diet.


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1.) Barley powder is extremely rich in soluble fiber. Fiber helps in the prevention of heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. Fiber helps to move stool through the digestive tract keeping the colon healthy so consuming plenty of fibre can actually help to prevent cancer of the colon. Furthermore fiber provides food for the friendly bacteria in the large intestine, which ferment the barley’s insoluble fiber. This is turn produces a number of fatty acids, one of which is propionic acid which helps to reduce cholesterol.

2.) Barley powder is a good source of selenium, which helps maintain a healthy immune system. There is ongoing research that selenium may help in treating prostate cancer. Furthermore, it is great for the skin as it helps to regenerate vitamins E and C which helps in keeping the skin looking young and fresh.

3.) Phosphorus is another mineral found in barley powder and has a number of health benefits. It is great for maintaining bones and teeth keeping them strong and healthy. A diet high in phosphorus keeps you alert and awake. Phosphorus is also known to help regulate and generate hormones. This means that a diet rich in phosphorus can help relieve the symptoms of menopause by controlling the fluctuation of estrogen.

4.) Niacin is a B vitamin which is found in barley powder. It helps in preventing a number of cardiovascular problems. It reduces both cholesterol and lipoproteins which contain an extra molecule making them more likely to attach themselves to a blood vessel. Niacin helps to produce chemical compounds that improve blood flow and circulation and prevent atherosclerosis.

5.) Research has shown that barley powder is also a great food for diabetics or for reducing the risk of diabetes.

Barley powder is extremely beneficial to your health and can help to prevent a number of cardiovascular and digestive health problems. By incorporating barley in your diet, you’ll be surprised of its tremendous health benefits.

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