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In 1998, Susan was diagnosed with multiple myoma. In 2007, she was found with cervical cancer and was declared 6 months to live.  The after effects of surgery and chemotherapy caused her severe depression. She realized, she missed enjoying life with her family.

“The pain was constantly excruciating, and there was frequent abnormal bleeding. The gynecologist advised me to undergo surgery as soon as possible. But I refused,” thus says Susan, married and a mother of three. This was in 1998 while experiencing abdominal pains due to the multiple myoma found on her uterus.

“I had to bear it, and not opt for surgery. My children were still studying and my husband took an early retirement from work. Financially, it would be difficult,” says Susan.

Not long after, Susan’s health was affected. She was found to have diabetes, hypertension, diffused toxic goiter, arterial-venous insufficiency, calcified aorta, and dyslipidemia a disruption in the amount of lipids in the blood, often caused by prolonged elevation of insulin levels in the body.

She states: “I was like a walking time bomb. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension, daily living became tough. There were too many food restrictions.”

Susan was taking 9 variants of medicine and spends PhP 27,000.00 a month, if only to experience breathing everyday. “I couldn’t enjoy my family anymore. I was always weak and my life energy was slowly draining. I was too depressed and often angry. I literally shut myself out and avoided all social functions,” she narrated. In 2007, Susan’s gynecologist told her she could only live for 6 more months. She was found to have cervical cancer, and that surgery would be the best possible option. Despite resistance, Susan underwent surgery. Bedridden for 6 months, she was forced to close her business of 10 years. Unable to walk without supervision, her legs got thinner and weaker.

Hope came when in December 2008 when Susan met Jonathan who conducted a green barley product demonstration at their residence.

Initially, there was resistance. But eventually, Susan began taking the product for 2 months at 30ml per day, and since October of 2009 up to the present time, Susan has been consuming one whole bottle of green barley powder everyday.

Today, she claims: “Such great miracle! All my body pains were gone, and my lost energy is back! Everything is back to normal – my blood sugar and thyroid stimulating hormone, and cholesterol levels are all normal! I am so happy I could now have a life with my family. I now move around, and leave home even without companion.

I still take my maintenance medicines, but always have green barley as my food supplement. I can say that I now enjoy life! My greatness thanks to green barley!

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