Barley Powder Cancer Prevention

Barley Powder for Cancer Prevention

One of the biggest fears of any person is about hearing the word ‘Cancer’ or otherwise known as the ‘Big C’. While we may not know how this life-threatening disease really occurs in our body, we should always be vigilant about our health by taking preventive measures to help us achieve optimum health everyday. It’s a must that we equip ourselves with enough knowledge about cancer prevention.

History of Cancer

Cancer starts when there’s abnormal growth in the cells of the body. Even in ancient times, our forefathers and even animals were not spared of cancer. The earliest records describing cancer were found in seven papyri in Egypt. Two of the papyri called ‘Edwin Smith’ and ‘George Ebers’ contain descriptions about cancer that date back to 2500 BC.

The word ‘cancer’ is credited to Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. He used the terms carcinos and carcinoma to describe tumors, both non-ulcer forming and ulcer-forming. These two Greek words refer to crab. Later on, the Roman physician Celsus translated the Greek term into cancer, the Latin word for crab.

Around 1600 BC, the oldest known description and surgical treatment of cancer was discovered in Egypt. Read more about the history of cancer at

Prevention of Cancer

Mayo Clinic identifies 7 steps to risk of getting cancer.

1. Don’t use tobacco
2. Eat a healthy diet.
3. Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active.
4. Protect yourself from the sun
5. Get immunized
6. Avoid risky behaviors.
7. Get regular medical care

For people with cancer, it’s best to do the necessary steps that will help combat the disease, deal with the side effects of treatment, and manage the symptoms through surgery, radiation, or alternative medicine such as herbal products, and physical exercises.

Barley Powder for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

One of the natural ways to combat cancer is to incorporate green barley powder into the diet. Drinking barley powdered juice has been recommended by those who practice alternative medicine in dealing with cancer.

How does barley powder help in combating or fighting cancer?

• neutralizer & risk reducer
• decomposer
• counteracts poison
• retards growth of tumors
• DNA restorer
• preventive role in radiation damage, and more….

What are the essential nutrients in green barley powder that play important roles in combating or fighting cancer?


Essential Nutrients in Green Barley that are beneficial in fighting cancer

Essential Enzymes in Green barley powder that fight/combat cancer:

1. SOD
2. P4D1
3. Peroxidase
4. 2’0 GIV

Essential Vitamins in Green Barley Powder for cancer prevention and treatment:

1. Beta carotene
2. Vitamin B12
3. Vitamin C
4. Vitamin E

Essential Minerals in Green Barley Powder that combat or fight cancer:

1. Potassium
2. Calcium
3. Selenium
4. Zinc

Essential Amino Acid in Green Barley Powder for cancer treatment/prevention:

1. Arginine

Where to buy barley powder?

Drinking green barley powdered juice has been a growing trend in the Philippines and around the world. However, there’s also been a proliferation of fake barley products in the market. It’s important that you deal only with registered or authorized green barley dealers.

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