Barley Grass Benefits Immune System: MERS Corona Virus on the Rise


For countries with MERS-Cov cases, drinking green barley superfood will help in boosting the immune system. Buy only the original green barley juice from the Philippines.

With the rising cases of Middle East Respiratory System (MERS) corona virus elsewhere in the world since 2012 (which originated in Saudi Arabia), it’s almost a concern for everyone of us on how to protect ourselves from this life-threatening respiratory illness. Recent news stated that there’s a 2nd case of MERS coronavirus in the United States of America. This means that a traveler contracted the virus in another country. In Saudi Arabia, the MERS virus is said to have been the most deadly since there are now a number of 126 fatalities from the virus, and a total of 463 cases of infections in this country alone.

What is MERS? The MERS is a viral respiratory illness that is caused by a coronavirus called MERS-CoV. People who got infected with this virus were reported to exhibit fever, coughing, and shortness of breathing. Thirty percent of those who contracted the coronavirus died.

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