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Green barley, A True Blessing…

Edgardo first heard of green barley in September 2008 from his godfather Bayani. His godfather’s 79-year old mother was healed from psoriasis, a chronic non-infectious disease affecting the skin. He doubted Bayani’s testimony, until his wife experienced immediate positive effects after taking green barley.

“Hindi kasi ako nagpapaniwala sa mga food supplements na ganyan. Kaya sa kabila ng kanilang maraming testimoning binabanggit, tinanggihan ko ang produkto.”

But on October 28, 2008, Jun Mendoza’s ninong went back to his Music Store to purchase some equipment. The day was also his and his wife’s 9th wedding anniversary.

“That time, it has been 8 years that my wife has been having daily, abnormal palpitations due to her hyperthyroid illness. And this came to my ninong’s attention,” relates Jun.

Immediately, Jun’s ninong gave him a bottle of green barley, and offered it to his wife so she could give it a try.

Thirty minutes later, Jun’s wife noticed remarkable changes. Jun recalls: “Nagnormalize ang heart beat ng asawa ko! At napansin nyang nanumbalik ang lakas ng kanyang katawan.”

After only 45 minutes of the first trial, Jun decided to purchase 1 box of green barley. He was so engrossed with the product that he found himself researching more fully about it. Soon after, he was conducting his own green barley seminar or product presentation, and began selling barley to almost everyone he knows.

He affirms: “No medicine of any kind, synthetic or herbal, ever gave my wife that intense feeling and rejuvenating effect.

ONLY GREEN BARLEY! And from then on, my wife has been healed from her dysmenorrhea, a medical condition characterized by severe uterine pain during menstruation, and arthritis, after suffering for almost 8 years with it!

The greater news was that, after only a few months of drinking green barley juice, my wife got pregnant again! It’s been almost two years since we waited for this new baby!”

To this day, Jun remains in awe about the wonderful testimonies he heard from the Green barley experience. He says: “Through green barley, many lives have changed. We have acquired good health, and best of all, we have received financial blessings. When we entered as dealer, and shared the beauty of this product, we have found another source of income. But more importantly, we were given the chance to invite others, and become a dealer of this great company.

Another door of opportunity has opened for us. And it must not be wasted. One thing is certain, Health Wealth is a true blessing to me, and to all my family members and friends.”


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