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Below is a green barley health testimonial for a person who was inflicted with diabetes.



“I give my life to You, Lord.” This has always been Art’s resigned whisper while lying on his bed for three months in 2010.  He was ‘buto’t balat’. His blood sugar was 571. Suffering from diabetes since 2000, he reached the point where one of his kidneys failed because of pus (nana) while his legs were scheduled to be amputated because of gangrene.

As his health slowly deteriorated, his hospital bills piled up.

“My hospital bill reached a whopping PhP390,000 and I had to pawn my vehicle. I was drained physically and financially.

“As soon as I was discharged from the hospital, yung suki ko sa isda brought me 3 bottles of HW green barley. I did not hesitate to drink them because somehow I needed to have the strength to be able to travel to my hometown Cebu where I intended to recuperate. I could not understand how I felt when I first drank green barley. Basta I prayed hard to God to help me because I was so weak when I left the hospital. In fact, I was not even fit to leave the hospital but I was forced to because I had nothing left to pay for the bills if I continued staying there.”

While in Cebu, Art continued to take green barley as he tried to research further on the nutritional value of the HW product. With health improved, he returned to Manila just after 15 days feeling invigorated and renewed in spirit.

His laboratory tests eventually showed negative results of “nana” in his kidney. His blood sugar had dropped to 139, and continues to be normal to this day.

“I also noticed significant improvements in my vision. Before it was blurred. Malabo ang tingin ko. I had so much difficulty reading text messages.”

His legs, which were due for amputation, are the very legs that take him to jogging today. He is back working as a part-time professor in one of the prestigious universities in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

“Green barley is amazing, awesome.”

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