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Nature has provided us with all that we need. From the natural crude oil that we extract from the earth to power our manufacturing industries, to certain precious metals and mineral we use in our computers and mobile telephones; so, why not look to nature to aide our health and fitness.

There are many plants and flowers that have been studied for their effect on our bodies and it is well known that there are certain plants out there with high beneficial values. One such plant is the super plant called “Barley”.
Barley grass is an annual grass that grows in various climatic conditions. It is popularly known for its medicinal properties and the benefit it has on the human body.

Barley grass is one of the oldest cultivated grain in the world and contains all the essential amino acids known to man. People have been using this plant for thousands of years, and through research and testing our generation has just began to understand the tremendous benefits of this plant.
You might be familiar with barley as it is the main ingredient in most malt beverages. For several years now, there has been a growing interest in the juice from barley grass because it’s packed with essential nutrients like B1.B2, B6, B12, panoththenic acid, folic acid,potassium, calcium,iron,phophorus and magnesium, and more. It also contains proteins, fiber, enzymes and chlorophyll.
Barley grass has been regarded by those who believe in and practice alternative medicine that it’s suitable for/effective in preventing cancer, in lowering cholesterol levels, boosting digestion, and in aiding the body for weight loss. Did you know that it contains more B1 vitamins and calcium than milk and it has more vitamin C than oranges?
By itself, barley grass juice has essential number of nutrients and vitamins. This tremendous food is a complete source of nutrition that helps to promote good health. It is best consumed as powdered juice 30 minutes before meal or 2 hours after meal. If you are not eating properly or you have some condition in your body, “Barley Juice” is a good way to start taking control over your health. It’s your health. Take charge of it by drinking green barley juice everyday.

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Barley grass powdered juice

The powdered juice from green barley grass was born out of the scientist’s personal health tragedy. Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, the scientist behind barley powdered juice, barley green, was losing his health at age 38 that he began to search for ways to regain his health. Initially, he tried the modern drugs and synthetic medicines but to no avail. Next, he tried the ancient chinese herbal medicines and cleansing diets but with slightly better results for his health. Through his research about using the nutrients from a diet that’s rich with natural enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins, he discovered that he was regaining his health.

From among the green plants that Dr. Hagiwara studied in a span of 13 years, the barley grass emerged to be superior. He wrote, “My research has shown that the green leaves of the embryonic barley plant contain the most balanced supply of nutrients that exist on earth in a single source.” This is, indeed, true, as we discovered or rather, from our clients’ amazing testimonials on how the green barley grass powdered juice has helped them in improving their vitality and well-being.

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Even if you’re not sick, you will still benefit from green barley grass powdered juice as it will give you the best prevention care that is natural, organic, and low-cost. If you’re sick, barley juice will benefit you, too. Barley works at the cellular level thereby correcting what needs to be corrected in your body. Of course, you need a holistic approach to your wellness while drinking green barley. Make sure that you’re buying/drinking only the original green barley food product as there are many fakes out there.

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Green Barley grass powdered juice for leptospirosis

Barley grass powdered juice, Green Barley Superfood, saved Ronaldo’s life when he suffered from high fever brought about by leptospirosis. Below is the narrative of his story.

“Green Barley Saved My Life”


Green barley grass powdered juice for leptospirosis.
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Suffering from high fever, Ronaldo suddenly collapsed – one Saturday afternoon. Days earlier, his body turned pale and yellowish.

“Nanlinaw po ang mga mata ko, pati buong katawan. Nuong nilagnat ako at tumirik ang mga mata, nag-collapse ako at tinakbo na sa hospital,” says Ronaldo.

These symptoms were evident of leptospirosis. In its first phase, this disease affects the liver, and the gall bladder, making the victim turn pale and yellowish. “Hirap na hirap akong umihi, kaya nilagyan ako ng catheter,”Ronald continues. Catheter is a tube inserted to a body cavity, allowing smooth drainage of urine from the patient. “Sabi pa ng doktor, kailangan daw akong i-ICU.”

With his blood pressure exhibiting a 70/40 reading, Ronald’s heart was working double time. Even his body’s nutrients dropped to a low, alarming level. “Nalaman ng pinsan kong si Deji, kaya dinalaw nya ako sa ospital. May dala syang green barley,” narrated Ronald. “Bago nya ako pinainom ng green barley, dinasalan nya muna ako.”

Only 10 to 15 minutes later, those who were in Ronald’s room were taken aback. He was able to urinate continuously that even his doctors were surprised. They believed the medications had taken effect. But Ronald believed otherwise. “Alam ko po dahil sa green barley yun. Um-okey talaga pakiramdam ko. Tinuluy-tuloy ko ang pag-inom hanggang lumao’y di na ako pinasok sa ICU. Hindi na kinailangan. Unti-unti nanumbalik at naging normal ang count ng nutrients sa aking katawan.”

“Maraming, maraming salamat po sa pinsan ko at nakilala ko ang green barley. Salamat sa health wealth dahil sa produktong ito. Kung hindi dahil sainyo, baka wala na ako dito ngayon.”

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Barley grass benefits

Barley Grass Photo by moggara12

“Green Barley in Farm Nature Light” Photo by moggara12

Barley Grass Benefits

The leaf of the annual plant, barley, is called barley grass. Barley plant grows and thrives in many regions across the globe due to its ability to endure diverse changes in climate. The leaf of the plant is important medically and nutritionally, and is usually harvested when still young.

Barley Grass History
The use of the grass is almost as old as agriculture itself. Historians recorded that barley was the first cereal grain to be cultivated by humans. In the same light, the uses of barley as food and medicine dated back to over seven millennia ago; while crop reports from China indicated that barley was already a prime plant by around 2000 BC. Moreover, in many ancient cultures, such as Middle Eastern and Asian cultures, barley grass and wheat were part of common diets.

The ancients used barley to “treat” blood, liver, skin and gastrointestinal infections. For instance, the Greeks treated gastrointestinal infections using mucilage while the gladiators fed on barley as a prime source of stamina and strength. The great Roman physician, Pliny, in his most ritualized cures for boil, included barley as principal part of the treatment.

Nutritional Uses of Barley Grass

Nutritional researches since the 1940s have indicated that cereal grasses are rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. Most specifically, still, the juice of barley grass has been shown to contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. The cereal grass is also a major source of beta carotene and the minerals iron, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium. Still, the grass contains amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes, protein, and fiber. In fact, the supplementation of vegetarian diets with the juice of dehydrated barley grass has the potential to “treat” vitamin B12 and Cobalamin deficiencies.

Powerful Antioxidant Properties of Barley Grass

Barley leaf extracts are important sources of free radicals, which are reactive oxygen species that mediate the process of generation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Through the mediation process, the radicals from the grass help to stem the occurrence of arthritis, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. This truth has been confirmed through research in animals consuming barley leaves and in humans put under barley extract supplements.

Barley Grass and Cancer Prevention

The extract has been shown to protect human tissues against carcinogens. While anti-carcinogenic properties of the extract are still under study, many scientists believe that it is either the chlorophyll or the antioxidants that help to protect cells against carcinogens. It is suggested that a complex formed between the chlorophyll and the carcinogens result into less active carcinogens. The antioxidant superoxide dismutase, which is found in large concentrations in barley juice is also protective against free radicals and radiation, hence the anti-carcinogenic properties of the grass.

Other Uses and Dosage

Barley grass contains beta-sitosterol, which is believed to reduce the effects of cholesterol in the body through increased catabolism into bile acid and inhibited absorption in the intestines. The grass is also believed to have huge benefits in detoxification, enhancing of immunity and energy levels, and others though it’s not a medicine but a superfood. Although many of the claims are still being investigated, it is acknowledged already that barley leaves are so crucial to human health. The normal daily dose of the barley grass juice is 30ml per day.

Where to buy barley grass juice in the Philippines

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The Perks of Drinking Juice Made from Authentic Barley Grass

Drink Only the Original Juice from Barley Grass

Drinking green barley grass juice will make you a person on the go.

Drinking green barley grass juice will make you a person on the go. Photo credit: imagerymajestic

Barley grass is among the green grasses – but it’s so much more than the regular ones. There are many plants packed with nutrition, but it’s only green barley grass that has the wide range of nutrients.
Considerable amounts of vitamins and minerals are found in barley grass. Included in these are calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, beta carotene, zinc, and folate. Green Barley, a juice made from barley grass, is considered to possess 30 plus times more vitamin B1 and more than 10 times the quantity of calcium than there is in a cow’s milk. The juice contains half a dozen times as much carotene and nearly five times the iron content of spinach. It has even four times the vitamin B1 that you can get from a while wheat flour.
Green barley grass contains live enzymes. Enzymes are essential regulators of the body. Without these nutrients, body cells cannot operate and the body can simple perish if there’s a deficiency on enzymes. Believed to have a thousand plus enzymes, barley grass has one of the maximum natural levels of Superoxide Dismutase, which is a potent antioxidant that safeguards the cells against poisonous free radicals, which are regarded as the primary reason for fast aging.
Barley grass is also made up of one of the most outstanding nutrients – the chlorophyll. This is an organic detoxifier that eliminates the stores toxins in the intestines. It’s not necessary to drink Green Barley just to get chlorophyll, as it is present in all dark green vegetables. However, the question is how many servings of green leafy veggies can you actually eat on a daily basis? And even if you’re a vegetarian, there’s a limit of quantity of spinach and the likes that you can eat. Hence, drinking Green Barley is the wisest decision that you can do for your health.

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