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Green Barley Testimonial: Arterial Venous Malformation

Green barley testimonial on Arterial venous malformation


Green barley testimonial on Delia’s arterial venous malformation (Lump on her left eye after giving birth to one of her children)…Below is her story on how green barley saved her eye from operation.

Salamat Green Barley

Green barley testimonial on a lump on left eye (bukol sa mata sanhi ng binat)…

In 1999, Delia Vinoya gave birth to one of her children. She felt a discomfort on her on her left eye, after childbirth. To ease the pain, she asked for a head massage.

“Ilang araw pagkatapos hilutin ang ulo ko, napansin ko may tumubong bukol sa kaliwang mata ko. Ang sabi sa’kin dahil daw ito sa binat,” Delia narrated.

Thinking all along that the lump was just a benign case of nodule, she disregarded it and went on with her life. Fast forward to 2006, the lump on her eye got worse resulting to poor eyesight and her whole face to be swollen. Her condition became severe that she even felt pain all over her body.

When she finally visited the doctor to have the lump checked, she was advised to go under the knife immediately. Operation was the only option given to her else she’ll die. Unfortunately, Delia didn’t have the financial means to pay for the operation.

“Mahirap lang kami. Ako, naglalabada lang, ang asawa ko, nagpipipinta. Kelangan naming makalikom ng P160,000. Hindi ko alam kung sa’n pwedeng kumuha ng ganun kalaking halaga para sa operasyon ko,” she said.

RJ Javellana, one of her concerned neighbors, went to their place and offered Green Barley to help her with her pain. Coincidentally, the night she accepted the barley powder, she felt an immense pain on her face. She could no longer sleep because of it.

“Yung sakit galing sa pamamaga ng buong mukha ko. Pakiramdam ko yung mga buto sa mukha ko tumatama na sa mata ko sa sobrang maga. Dahil sa sobrang sakit, naisipan kong gamiting yung Green Barley. Sabi ko sa Panginoon, sa tulong na barley, kung talagang effective ito, sana mawala na ang sakit ko,” Delia remembered.

Amazingly, upon drinking Green Barley powder, Delia felt relief and vast improvement. The pain was gone. She drank barley powder for a week and she noticed that her face slowly returned to its normal state. Eventually, all the swelling ceased and all was left was the original, small lump on her left eye. But even without the swell, Delia continuously used barley. She was able to drink three boxes of Green Barley juice on her own.

“Hanggang sa mga panahong ito paninindigan ko talaga na gumaling ako dahil sa Green Barley. Dahil sa barley hindi lang nawala pamamaga ng mata at mukha ko, nawala din mga sakit ko sa katawan. Kaya Green Barley, thank you talaga!”

– Delia Vinoya, 53

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Benefits of Green Barley

What are the benefits of green barley?

Green barley a total food, the leading brand of original green barley product in the Philippines, offers a lot of medicinal and health benefits.

The following are among the benefits of green barley

1. Green barley benefits our digestive system. It improves the digestive process of our body.

2. Green barley benefits the pH system of our body. Green barley juice is highly alkaline. It balances the alkalinity-acidity of our body’s pH.

3. Green barley benefits our immune system. Green barley juice is an immune-system booster.

4. Green barley benefits our mind. It promotes clear thinking when one is stressed out.

5. Green barley is an antioxidant.

6. Green barley is an energy booster.

7. Green barley juice is anti-inflammatory.

There are a lot more benefits of green barley. Green barley juice is rich in nutrients such as enzymes, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, and more that will help restore our cells. Green barley works at the cellular level. It restores what our body needs. It removes what our body doesn’t need.

Try our product to believe the amazing miracles of green barley a total food. It will make you young, energetic, and prevent yourself from getting sick. If you’re sick, it will help you restore your body to its optimum state because of the amazing benefits of green barley.

Please make sure that you’re buying ONLY the original barley products. We’re sorry to say that lots of fake barley products have proliferated in the Philippines. Since green barley a total food brand is the leading and original brand of green barley products in the Philippines since 2006, its success has been copied by others. In the same way that Green barley philippines Web site has been copied, plagiarized by others, please be very careful when dealing with others online. Buy only from registered/authorized distributors like us at, the official Green Barley Philippines Web site.

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Green Barley Benefits People with high cholesterol

green barley benefits people with high cholesterol

Cholesterol Check: Drink Green Barley
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Apart from pharmaceuticals, selected organic supplements like Green Barley may also bring betterment in blood cholesterol levels. These cholesterol decreasing health supplements are earning lots of recognition these days and some have actually started taking them, with or without the consent from their doctors.

To further stress how these natural supplements can help the body maintain a good and well-balanced cholesterol level, here are some of the organic supplements that are considered the best in the market.

To start with is fish oil, known as omega 3 fatty acid. Fish oil supplements consist of omega 3 essential fatty acids that boost a healthy heart. Research ensures that this particular supplement lowers triglyceride levels significantly. Apart from decreasing triglyceride levels, it can also help boost good cholesterol levels, therefore lowering the chance of heart ailments.

Another supplement that is gaining recognition these days is sitostanol. This is essentially a compound found in various plants and is primarily produced from vegetable oils. It is an essential ingredient of margarine. Recent studies show that a small group of people struggling with raised cholesterol levels was put on sitostanol health supplements. After a specified time period, these people exhibited a decrease in bad cholesterol.

But possibly the best health supplement in the market that can combat high level of cholesterol is Green Barley. Patients with high levels of cholesterol ought to incorporate this healthy food drink in their diet. Habitual intake of barley juice can lower LDL cholesterol, commonly known as the “bad cholesterol.” Barley is a great source of soluble fiber and thus ingesting it each day can lessen cholesterol fast, thereby decreasing the likelihood of cardiovascular conditions. Because Green Barley is a superfood, drinking this juice is considered as the best healthy alternative to drinking prescribed pills when trying to lower high cholesterol levels.

What is great about Green Barley is that aside from its benefits in balancing the body’s cholesterol levels, the juice’s list of rewards is still long. Green Barley can prevent and/or cure common conditions like acne, eczema, headache to severe ones like problems with digestion, fatigue, to critical issues like cancer and system disorders.

Considerations for Green Barley and Other Health Supplements

Taking into consideration the good results proven by numerous studies carried out on aforesaid health supplements, it’s possible to be tempted to switch prescribed medicines with natural cholesterol-lowering food supplement like green barley juice. A lot of our satisfied barley grass customers commented that, so far, green barley has helped them in combating their high cholesterol and other cardio vascular symptoms.

It’s also important to note that aside from health supplements, having a good and well-planned diet, regular exercise and healthy living can immensely contribute in lowering your cholesterol levels. A combination of everything will guarantee you a healthier and longer life.

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