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Barley Juice for Natural weight loss

There are many fad diets that give promises like making you lose five pounds overnight. Most of these are scams and are not safe. Even if you do lose the weight, you will probably gain it right back because of the unnatural demands these programs put on your body. Some can even be dangerous. The weight-loss companies that promote them are trying to make money fast with false promises.

Natural weight loss involves changing your eating habits permanently by changing the foods you eat rather than losing weight with the aid of weight-loss supplements such as appetite suppressants or cleansers.

There are many diet plans you can choose from. Most of them are based on the principle of consuming the minimum amount of calories necessary to meet your nutritional needs. They aim to include food from all the major food groups (dairy products; grains; meat, poultry, and fish; and fruits and vegetables). Your body needs proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to function properly. The problem with many fad diets is that they limit your nutritional intake to one or
two food groups and don’t provide the necessary balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

It is also important to incorporate exercise into your weight loss plan. This will give you more energy while you’re losing weight. Almost any form of exercise that raises your heart rate for at least 20 minutes is OK. This should be done at least three times a week. Fast walking, running, weightlifting, swimming, and bicycling, are some recommended forms of exercise. If you exercise, you can eat a little more of the same types of foods since you are burning additional calories.

If your doctor recommends vitamin supplements for any deficiencies you might have, you can take natural vitamins supplements to supply whatever vitamins you need that are not included in your diet. This helps you avoid having to increase your calorie intake too much if you have any vitamin deficiencies.

Most diet plans give you options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snacks, so you can plan your diet for a week at a time and prepare the meals yourself. You can find many natural weight loss recipes online. Find one that you feel comfortable with and that you think you will be able to stick to. Once you lose weight, you will have established healthy eating habits. You will be able to keep the weight off by continuing to eat the same way, only eating larger portions, to maintain your desired weight.

Natural weight loss allows you to go about your life as usual rather than interfering with it. Crash diets that involve fasting or taking unnatural fat-burning aids interfere with performing well on a job and having an active social life.

To achieve natural weight loss through food or diet, try to incorporate green barley a total food. It’s packed with a lot of essential nutrients that can provide total nutrition for your body. It’s suitable for people who want to lose weight naturally, without adverse side effects. In fact, it’s helpful, too, for people who are suffering from symptoms like cardiovascular diseases, liver problems, lung problems, and more. Try it to believe it!


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drink green barley to combat cancer

According to researchers in France, global cancer is set to increase by 75 percent in 2030 — that’s from 12.7 million cases in 2008 to 22.7 million in 18 years. It is predicted that the rise in global cancer incidence will be higher in the developing countries by more than 90%.

Jessica Harris, health information manager at Cancer Research UK, said: “These statistics remind us it’s more important than ever to invest in ways to reduce the number of people that develop and die of cancer across the world.

“If we’re to beat cancer, we need continued research to find ways to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease. And governments, health organisations and individuals need to work together to put that research into practice – to prevent cancer through promoting healthy lifestyles, and to encourage and enable early diagnosis.

Read the full article at this link.

At Green Barley, we’re offering you the best natural preventive healthcare and herbal product that you can use to prevent, combat cancer cells — GREEN BARLEY.

Since the ancient times, it has been proven to be effective in combating the leading causes of death like cancer. How does green barley help in combating cancer?

  1. Green Barley is good for cancer because of the presence of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which restores the functions and repairs the body’s DNA to prevent cancer cells from developing. SOD is also a free radical scavenger of tumor cells.
  2. Green Barley is also good for cancer due to the presence of P4D1 enzyme which destroys cancer cells and at the same time immediately repairs damaged DNA molecules of the cells.
  3. Green Barley contains a high amount of Potassium (3,800mg/100g) which is very important in preventing new growth and multiplication of cancer cells.
  4. Green Barley contains Peroxidase enzyme which breaks and neutralizes the carcinogenic black color substance in grilled meat and fish.
  5. Since green barley is highly alkaline, it destroys cancer cells.
  6. Green Barley has a high score of ORAC 25,500 per 100 grams having high amounts of oxygen carrying capacity. Cancer cells cannot live in high concentrations of oxygen.
  7. Green Barley contains 2-O-Glycosylisovitexin enzyme which prevents multiplication of cancer cells.

Green barley has been effective in the healing of cancer patients in the Philippines. View some of the amazing testimonials here.

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