Green Barley Cancer of Uterus

Green barley testimonial : cancer of the uterus

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Herewith is an amazing miracle from a green barley user.

Green barley testimonial for cancer of the uterus.

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In March 2010, Christine was diagnosed with cancers of the uterus and of the endometrium after experiencing hemorrhage for one year that gradually led to anemia. She was advised to undergo hysterectomy and six cycles of chemotherapy and the most devastating of all was the news that she had only a year to live.

Christine did not undertake any of those. Her dad, who has been taking green barley for sometime, suggested the product to Christine. With ferrous sulfate and a change in her diet, Christine took the advice and consumed one bottle of green barley premium a day.

After taking it for only one week, her blood began to normalize. She maintained consuming the green barley premium for the succeeding two weeks taking no other vitamins, after which she submitted herself to another laboratory test, including ultrasound. She was amazed to learn that the cancer cells had ‘burst’.

The following month, she switched to green barley regular and started noticing further improvements the product brought to the detoxification process of her body and to her overall immune system. She also observed she was slimming down.

After another round of ultrasound test, her cervix and fallopian tubes were found to be smooth. Her ovaries, which were previously inflamed, became normal and neither showed any sign of a PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

Barely four months after she started taking green barley, Christine was back to health. In December of that same year, she was given clearance by her oncologist and told her that her cancers were in remission.

Grateful for what green barley has given her, Christine has put up an alternative medical clinic to help other people particularly those stricken with breast cancer. “We do not ask for any fee, only donations to help sustain our mission. I want to share the blessings dahil napagaling ako.”

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