Green barley cancer uterus

Green barley for cancer of the uterus

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Below is the green barley testimonial of Amor Coleta. CASE: Cancer of Uterus


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Pregnancy tests showed positive results, after Amor checked out the slight bump on her abdomen. However, she started bleeding and she felt that the lump grew bigger in size. Trans-vaginal ultrasound showed that Amor had a mass with HCG level measuring up to 466,463 against 1 to 5 maximum normal. The only option left for her was chemotherapy, not surgery.

“Stage 2 daw, cancer of the uterus,” shares Amor. “Hindi daw pwedeng operahan dahil masyadong madugo. Salinan man ako ng dugo, delikado. Baka ikamatay ko pa.”

Amor was actually suffering from molar pregnancy, a pregnancy that is a type of gestational trophoblastic disease or GTD, that may be benign or malignant. Amor’s case: high HCG level means the high risk presence of choriocarcinoma.

Cost per chemotherapy session was then PhP26,000. Total cost for 20 sessions to completely pull down her HCG level would be too expensive. “Math teacher ako kaya’t sabi ko, magastos!” She says in exasperation.

“Nung ako’y nag- green barley, iniinom ko pa yung isang herbal kaya’t nagalit yung asawa ko’t tinapon nya yung barley sa basurahan. Pag-alis nya, kinuha ko ulit. Binasa ko yung brochures, at pinanood yung CD. Sabi ko, this is what I need! Pagkain! Eh pagkain pala ito hindi gamot! Kailangan ko ‘to!”

Right then, Amor gobbled up the entire bottle of green barley juice. Minutes later, she saw herself climbing up and down their 3-story house, doing chores here and there. That evening, she did not feel the need for an air condition. “Nagulat ako’t nakaya ko!” recalls Amor. With chemo sessions still running regular, Amor’s HCG’s went down to 3000 mlu/ml after consuming a total of 14 bottles of green barley.

One day, Amor suddenly bled profusely for two hours and was in deep excruciating pain. Refusing to be rushed for emergency, Amor prayed hard and submitted everything to Divine Providence. Minutes later, the bleeding stopped, and the pain was gone.

“Matapos ako makaubos ng 3 arinolang dugo, humingi ako ng isang malinis na arinola. Pakiramdam ko may gusto akong walang ilabas,” she says.

The following day, Amor visited her doctor and showed her the jar containing the specimen that supposedly came out from the day before.

Almost stunned and speechless, the doctor exclaimed: “Oh my God! This is a miracle! Kusang lumabas! This is it! This is your tumor!”

In January 2011, Amor’s HCG was down to 16 mlu/ml. She professes this was because of green barley. “This product speaks for itself.”

“Talagang prayers can move mountains. This is a miracle. This is my second life.”