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Main Symptoms of Diabetes

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Below is a green barley health testimonial for a person who was inflicted with diabetes.



“I give my life to You, Lord.” This has always been Art’s resigned whisper while lying on his bed for three months in 2010.  He was ‘buto’t balat’. His blood sugar was 571. Suffering from diabetes since 2000, he reached the point where one of his kidneys failed because of pus (nana) while his legs were scheduled to be amputated because of gangrene.

As his health slowly deteriorated, his hospital bills piled up.

“My hospital bill reached a whopping PhP390,000 and I had to pawn my vehicle. I was drained physically and financially.

“As soon as I was discharged from the hospital, yung suki ko sa isda brought me 3 bottles of HW green barley. I did not hesitate to drink them because somehow I needed to have the strength to be able to travel to my hometown Cebu where I intended to recuperate. I could not understand how I felt when I first drank green barley. Basta I prayed hard to God to help me because I was so weak when I left the hospital. In fact, I was not even fit to leave the hospital but I was forced to because I had nothing left to pay for the bills if I continued staying there.”

While in Cebu, Art continued to take green barley as he tried to research further on the nutritional value of the HW product. With health improved, he returned to Manila just after 15 days feeling invigorated and renewed in spirit.

His laboratory tests eventually showed negative results of “nana” in his kidney. His blood sugar had dropped to 139, and continues to be normal to this day.

“I also noticed significant improvements in my vision. Before it was blurred. Malabo ang tingin ko. I had so much difficulty reading text messages.”

His legs, which were due for amputation, are the very legs that take him to jogging today. He is back working as a part-time professor in one of the prestigious universities in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

“Green barley is amazing, awesome.”

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Green barley saves a man from amputation

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Green barley for diabetes Mang Pablo escaped amputation through the amazing wonders of green barley. Get your original product pack at +63917 452 4741

Green barley is a product that is very effective for people with diabetes. Our father told us in 2009 that he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus in 2008. Immediately upon drinking green barley, he noticed a huge improvement in his sugar level. Up to this day, he drinks green barley to maintain his blood sugar level. He makes it a point to drink green barley everyday for his health.

We’ve seen amazing testimonials from our clients around the world on how green barley has helped them in dealing with their blood sugar issues.

Herewith is an amazing testimonial from a green barley user, Mang Pablo Remogat, who escaped amputation (from his wound due to diabetes) through green barley and his angel Susan…

Pablo Remogat has been diabetic for several years…One day, while taking a shower, he felt a lump on his leg. Thinking that it was merely a pus (nana in Filipino) that was surrounding his wound, he tried pricking it with a needle. But his children insisted that Pablo should seek hospital treatment. Doctors suggested immediate amputation. Luckily, Pablo met Susan Rivas, his former aerobics dance instructress.

“Talagang naghahanap po ako ng diabetic patients. Nag-aabang ako sa mga ospital. Para akong sniper. Napatunayan ko na ang galing ng Green Barley sa may kasong tulad nila. Kaya nung makita ko si Daddy Pablo, inalok ko sya agad ng produkto, ” says Susan.

But there was resistance from Daddy Pablo’s daughter. She shot back at Susan’s offer: “Hindi mo ba nakikita ang listahan ng mga gamot na kailangan? Ang dami nito tapos pinabibili mo pa kami nyan.”

But Susan was challenged all the more.  She visited Daddy Pablo, and painstakingly cleaned his wound each day and strewed Green Barley Powder all over the affected area: “Unang araw pa lang pagkabudbod ko ng powder barley juice, humupa na yung maga ng kanyang sugat. Ikalawang araw, napansin ko unti-unting natutuyo ang sugat ni Daddy Pablo. Ikatlong araw, tumuyo na ang balat, at tinanggal ko ang mga dry skin nito. Nung ika-apat na araw, gusto ko sanang halukayin yung sugat para malinis ko ng husto, pero napuna kong masyado ng malalim. Parang bulalo na. Kaya sabi ko kay Daddy Pablo, patanggal na muna yung nana sa doktor,” shares Susan.

After the operation, Susan still kept an eye on Daddy Pablo. She not only cleaned his wound and sprinkled Green barley powder, but she also made sure that Daddy Pablo had regular intakes of barley juice.

Daddy Pablo’s life is back to normal. His would has totally dried up; he escaped amputation. Despite the huge scar marked on his leg, he is happy and grateful an angel was sent to him. He shares: “Salamat at pinagtyagaan talaga ako ni Susan. Salamat din sa green barley.”

On this Susan attests: “Naniwala akong mapapagaling ng green barley si Daddy Pablo. Malalim po talaga ang bilib ko sa produktong ito. Salamat sa HealthWealth at maraming napagaling ang green barley.”


Green Barley Benefits Diabetes: Barley Product for Diabetics

Green barley juice is good for people with diabetes.

Herewith is a video testimonial re: green barley for diabetes.

What makes green barley effective in managing diabetes?

Green Barley DIABETES
Green Barley juice contains a high amount of Arginine (14.3mg/g). This amino acid is used to release insulin from the pancreas and help increase glucose uptake in the muscle cells.

Barley contains Chromium. This increases the ability of insulin to bind to cells and leads to increase insulin sensitivity of the body tissues. It makes the body more efficient in absorbing the blood sugar. It acts as a “Travel Guide”, opening the door for the insulin to enter into the body cells. It lowers blood sugar and insulin levels in people with type II diabetes.

Barley contains Vanadium. It ctivates insulin receptors, making the beta cell of the pancreas produce more insulin, resulting in the decrease of blood sugar.

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