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Green barley and epilepsy


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Below is a client’s experience on how green barley has significantly improved the condition of 8-year old Ryien who suffered from epilepsy and periodic convulsions and seizures.

God’s Little Angel

Ryien suffered from generalized spasms, epilepsy, periodic convulsions and seizures 6-8 times per day. Common parlance calls it body twitching or jerking. Ryien could hardly sit, stand, and talk.

Ryien’s family was unsure if her illness, which manifested when she was 1.5 years old, was hereditary or not. But they became hopeful when specialists told them that the condition could be reversed by controlling the seizures.

Sometime in July 2010, Ryien began taking the green barley premium upon the recommendation of a family friend. Ryien’s mom, Robie, recalls that after taking the product, Ryien had a good night’s sleep. Since then, Ryien has improved steadily. Her seizures have significantly declined to just one to twice a day, though her mom admits there were times when Ryien would miss her green barley specially when budget was tight.

Before being introduced to Green barley, Ryien had always been lying down or carried like a new born baby. Now, she can stand on her own, says Ryien’s mom who has also learned therapy and acts as an occupational therapist and tutor of Ryien. “Malaki ang pag-asa namin na patuloy ang paggaling ni Ryien.” Ryien has learned to drink from a bottle by herself and is beginning to react to noise and sounds around her.

Currently, Ryien continues to take anti-convulsants, supplemented by green barley. “Her mental development has progressed significantly with the inclusion of barley in her diet,” says her grateful mom who noticed that her daughter had started becoming conscious and sensitive to people and things around her. She understands what people say and her responses and reactions are getting normal.

“Mas nakakaalam si Lord kung ano ang dapt for our little Ryien, and we put our trust in Him.”

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