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Green barley for liver laceration

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Functions of the Human Liver Green barley is good for liver problems. Photo credit:

Our liver is the 2nd largest organ in our body, next to skin. Its importance in our body cannot be understated. It plays a vital role in our digestive system. The food that we eat and drink, and the vitamins and medicines we take pass through our liver. When our liver doesn’t function well, health problems come in.

Here’s one testimonial about how green barley has helped a person with fatty liver and liver lacerations.

To See is to Believe

An ultrasound disclosed that Gerondio G. had liver lacerations measuring yo to 8.6 c.m. in the frontal area and 6 c.m. in the sub-interior portion. The only consideration left then was surgery. He was also advised to take more synthetic medications.

“Namamaga daw yung atay ko,” Gerondio recalls, “pero bago ako magpaopera, magpa-MRI daw muna ako. (MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging – a technique used in radiology to visualize detailed internal structures of the body).

Saddened by the news that caused him nearly PhP 100,000.00 in medical expenses, Gerondio knew that he could not afford to spend anymore.

Fortunately, he met Tony P, a dealer of green barley products. “Nang makilala ko nga si Tony, excited ako kasi gusto kong gumaling,” Gerondia says. “Sabi ko, ayaw ko ng paliwanag. Gusto ko yung gamot mo. Nakaubos ako ng 5 bottles of green barley. At pagktapos nga, nagpa-MRI na ako.” Gerondio headed home before reading the findings of the MRI.

“Pag-uwi ko, nabasa ko, yung 3.5 c.m. na sugat, nabura! Isang sugat na lang ang nakikita nila. From 4.3 c.m. ngayon ay 3.8 c.m. na lang yung size nya!” He shares tearfully. “Sabi ko, matindi na ito ah!” Ultimately, Gerondio consumed a total of green barley boxes.

He says, “Big change! Malaki talaga ang pinagbago ko. Dati-rati, matamlay ako, naninilaw ako. After green barley juice, eto na ako ngayon. Okay na ang pakiramdam ko! Hindi na paputol-putol ang ihi ko. Tuloy-tuloy na. Bukod sa green barley na nakatulong sa sakit ko, kumita pa ako! Nag-dealer na ako ng barley kaya kada linggo, may kita ako!”

Among all food supplements, Gerondio attests “Green barley is the best!” He professes, “Talagang itong green barley juice ang number one at saka miraculous sya. Di ba nga, “To see is to believe. Kaya nga ang ginawa ko, uminom at nagpa-check-up para makita ko kung totoo. Talagang 100% totoo. Talagang maraming gumaling sa green barley.”


How healthy is your liver? Take this 2-minute liver test.

I recently watched Bro. Bo Sanchez’s video about healing/health, and I learned that according to his health guru, if someone has arthritis, skin problems, oftentimes, it’s a problem in the liver.

I was shocked but quite agreed with that statement so I immediately researched about liver. It’s the organ which we should not take for granted.

If you’re wondering about the health status of your liver, you may want to take this 2-minute liver & gallbladder test. It’s free. Please click on the image below.  As indicated from the site, please take note of the disclaimer there: “This General Health Questionnaire is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. No statements herein have been evaluated by the FDA nor is any endorsement thereof implied or given.”


Liver & Gallbladder Test

You can use the questionnaire, however, as a starting point to see about the health status of your liver.

It’s important to cleanse our liver, and eat the foods that are healthy for our liver.

14 foods that cleanse our liver by Dr. Edward Group

  1. garlic
  2. grapefruit
  3. beets and carrots
  4. green tea
  5. leafy green vegetables
  6. avocados
  7. apples
  8. olive oil
  9. whole grains
  10. cruciferous vegetables
  11. lemons and limes
  12. walnuts
  13. cabbage
  14. turmeric

Dr. Edward Group recommends cleansing of our liver at least twice a year to eliminate foreign substances in our liver.  The following are the health benefits of doing a liver-cleanse.

  • Improved digestion and elimination of toxins

  • Helps the liver can break down fats more efficiently

  • Balanced lipid profiles

  • Increase in energy and vitality

  • Feeling lighter and healthier

  • Mood support

  • Decreased bloating and gas

  • Improved memory and cognition

  • Reduced cravings for sugar and fatty foods

  • May help remove liver and gallbladder stones which clog the liver

  • Removal of toxic fatty deposits and smaller particles of buildup


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Oftentimes, we are asked about this question: “Is green barley good for liver problems?” Yes. It’s a superfood that is packed with essential nutrients. In addition to the 14 liver-cleanse foods mentioned above, you will also highly benefit from taking this all-natural, organic food product, green barley. If you want to try our barley product, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or at +63917 452 4741. You may want to attend our free seminar, if you’re in Manila, or you may just want us to ship you the product wherever you are. Free shipping nationwide. Please get your product at the green barley online store.

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