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Green Barley Philippines became online in 2009 (domain) but was populated only in 2011. In just 1 year, it propelled to the top of the search engine, prompting other copycats from stealing our contents and broken links.

Yes, some sites in the Philippines are even claiming they’re Green Barley Philippines when their domains don’t say so!

Anyhow, we’d just like to warn you that like the green barley philippines copy cats out there, there are also sellers of fake green barley. Until now, people are asking us about how to differentiate the fake green barley powder from the original one. It’s hard to say especially when we don’t see the sample. It’s not just about the price. It’s also about the color of the powder, and more.

Here’s what to look for in buying original green barley juice:

1. Make sure that you are buying only from authorized green barley philippines dealers. Since you’re here on our site, you’re assured of that we’re authorized barley juice distributors. If you want to become a dealer under our network, we’d be glad to personally assist you in our head office or we can ship you green barley wherever you are in this world. We ship green barley nationwide, free shipping, and overseas. To make sure that you’re buying only the original green barley, ask about the dealer’s no. and ID.


2. Regarding the price of original green barley, mandatory retail price is PhP 275/bottle. Mandatory wholesale price is PhP 8778/box (42 bottles). Member’s price is PhP 209/bottle (you need to buy 1 box to avail this price). If you’re offered green barley (retail) at a price that is lower than PhP275/bottle, PLEASE ThINK TWICE. Either the product is underpriced or it’s fake.

3. The product has an expiration date. There are clients who asked us about the expiration (2 days or 3 days before the expiration date). NO. It could have been bought for quite a long time because new bottles have expiration dates of 2 years or less (depending on the month that the bottles were bought but it shouldn’t just be two days!).

4. The bottle bears the certification logos.

5. Please also see the color of the powder. It should be greenish not light green when mixed with water.

No matter how much I’d try to describe here the things that you should look for in buying the original green barley, it doesn’t guarantee still that what you will  buy on the sidewalk or anywhere else will be the original green barley powder from an authorized dealer. First, green barley is sold through people and not through any outlet in the sidewalk. Second, the product should not be exposed to too much heat because it will affect the potency of the live enzymes and more. Please make sure that you’re buying the product in good condition.

I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU BECOME A MEMBER-DEALER YOURSELF TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE GETTING ONLY THE ORIGINAL BARLEY JUICE PRODUCT. When you buy, please ask about your OFFICIAL RECEIPT (if not included in the package, at least it will be sent to you). If the OR wasn’t emailed to you, have the courage to ask for your OR or even your dealer no. If your seller couldn’t provide you your dealer no., it could mean that you were not registered as a member-dealer even if you already have bought a lot of boxes of green barley. Remember, it’s automatic dealership upon buying 1 product pack of our barley product. We have some Web site visitors here who bought from others (5 or more boxes and were not registered as dealer) and they just learned from our Web site that IT’S AUTOMATIC DEALERSHIP upon buying 1 box. Meaning, if they were registered, they should have already earned from their purchases of boxes of green barley. So when our Web site visitors learned about this FACT, they immediately cancelled buying from their previous sellers who didn’t register them as member from the start, and instead asked us on how we can help them become authorized/registered dealers.