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Green barley powder for myoma, goiter, cancer, diabetes, hypertension

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Green barley powder for myoma, cancer, hypertension, goiter Buy original product pack at Green Barley Philippines Web site

In 1998, Susan was diagnosed with multiple myoma. In 2007, she was found with cervical cancer and was declared 6 months to live.  The after effects of surgery and chemotherapy caused her severe depression. She realized, she missed enjoying life with her family.

“The pain was constantly excruciating, and there was frequent abnormal bleeding. The gynecologist advised me to undergo surgery as soon as possible. But I refused,” thus says Susan, married and a mother of three. This was in 1998 while experiencing abdominal pains due to the multiple myoma found on her uterus.

“I had to bear it, and not opt for surgery. My children were still studying and my husband took an early retirement from work. Financially, it would be difficult,” says Susan.

Not long after, Susan’s health was affected. She was found to have diabetes, hypertension, diffused toxic goiter, arterial-venous insufficiency, calcified aorta, and dyslipidemia a disruption in the amount of lipids in the blood, often caused by prolonged elevation of insulin levels in the body.

She states: “I was like a walking time bomb. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension, daily living became tough. There were too many food restrictions.”

Susan was taking 9 variants of medicine and spends PhP 27,000.00 a month, if only to experience breathing everyday. “I couldn’t enjoy my family anymore. I was always weak and my life energy was slowly draining. I was too depressed and often angry. I literally shut myself out and avoided all social functions,” she narrated. In 2007, Susan’s gynecologist told her she could only live for 6 more months. She was found to have cervical cancer, and that surgery would be the best possible option. Despite resistance, Susan underwent surgery. Bedridden for 6 months, she was forced to close her business of 10 years. Unable to walk without supervision, her legs got thinner and weaker.

Hope came when in December 2008 when Susan met Jonathan who conducted a green barley product demonstration at their residence.

Initially, there was resistance. But eventually, Susan began taking the product for 2 months at 30ml per day, and since October of 2009 up to the present time, Susan has been consuming one whole bottle of green barley powder everyday.

Today, she claims: “Such great miracle! All my body pains were gone, and my lost energy is back! Everything is back to normal – my blood sugar and thyroid stimulating hormone, and cholesterol levels are all normal! I am so happy I could now have a life with my family. I now move around, and leave home even without companion.

I still take my maintenance medicines, but always have green barley as my food supplement. I can say that I now enjoy life! My greatness thanks to green barley!

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What you need to know about green barley powder

Green Barley Powder Facts and Trivia


Green Barley Powder Facts and Trivia. Buy original green barley products at Green Barley

The term green barley refers to the grass shoots that make up the barley plant. Barley grass contains several nutrients that are beneficial for good health.

Green barley powder helps keep the digestive system working properly by promoting regularity.

Green barley powder is good for cancer because of the presence of Superoxide Dismutase or SOD. It restores the functions and repairs the body’s DNA to prevent cancer cells from developing. The SOD in green barley juice is also a free radical scavenger of tumor cells.

The brilliant green color inherent in green barley is called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is important in helping for the repair and growth of tissues in the body. Chlorophyll helps the blood in carrying oxygen to all cells and tissues.

These are only some of the many benefits of green barley powder. It’s a must that you take the barley juice regularly to aid your body in achieving optimum health. It’s equally important though that you drink ONLY the original barley products.

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Green Barley Powder Juice is Highly Alkaline

Green Barley Powder : Best Alkaline Resource


How to balance body ph with highly alkaline green barley powder

Health Check: Is your body pH normal? Drink green barley to balance the acidity-alkalinity ratio of your body. Photo credit: KROMKRATHOG

To completely know how Green Barley powder functions as the great tool to balance the body’s pH level, it’s essential to educate yourself first on the value and use of alkaline. Any time you eat, the foods you consume leave behind remnants of alkaline or traces of acid. Should your body exhibit substantial traces of acid, it will become more vulnerable to a lot of health conditions. To avoid or combat this from happening, you have to raise your consumption of foods loaded with alkaline. This can reinstate your body’s pH level. To attain the balance, doctors advice that there should be a 60% to 40% share, leaning towards alkalinity. In some situations, particularly when there is an excessive amount of acid within the body, 80% alkaline to 20% acid is required.
The standard pH level of the body should be in between 7.35 and 7.45 gauge. Once your body shows an appraise of below the 7.0 mark, you are deemed acidic. When it’s lower than 7.0, your body is undoubtedly going to be assaulted by infection that cause result to severe health conditions. On the other hand, an unusual increase of alkalinity is not encouraged too since the body need to have enough acid to break down food effectively.
The disproportion between alkaline and acidity can be risky for anyone. The fact is, doctors say that the pH imbalance may even result to cancer. Individuals who are afflicted by psychological stress or fatigue may also result in acidity. For this reason, a meal plan composed of enough alkaline-forming foods is compulsory. A meal devoid of alkaline in it to assist your body with food digestion can result to acid overload that will in turn make your day-to-day life particularly unpleasant.
This is why you need Green Barley powder, a highly alkaline juice. A couple of glasses of barley juice will give your body an increase of natural nutritional supplements than a minimum of half a dozen full portions of fruits and veggies can bring. Barley juice likewise eradicates poisons that are harmful for you since these foreign bodies can generate cancer cells, may cause cardiac arrest and in some cases, failure of multiple organs. To top it all, the barley juice can actually decelerate your process of aging.
Sipping green barley powder daily eliminates your need to constantly eat fruits and veggies. This is great for those who are not into vegetables a lot. This is also a benefit for people who are constantly out and about and don’t have the time and energy to cook or prepare their own meals. Furthermore, aside from the alkaline factor of Green Barley, it can also help in solving even the most typical health condition like pimples.
With all the numerous health improvements of Green Barley powder, a lot of people might imagine that this super food is simply for individuals who are unwell. As opposed to this false impression, barley juice will work for everybody, regardless of age. Drinking barley even if you’re already perfectly healthy is fine as well. After all, integrating a diet loaded with alkaline to generate a balance to your body’s pH level as well as to avoid any sudden spike of your blood sugar is a pretty good deal.

Green Barley Powder Juice

Green Barley Powder Juice to the Rescue

Your health is in good hands with green barley.

Thumbs up for ORIGINAL Green Barley Powder Juice! Photo by imagerymajestic

If you check out health news these days, you’d be swamped with notices and reminders that today is the time to go organic when it comes to food. This isn’t a bad thing altogether since medical experts discovered that essential enzymes needed by the body to do its works properly are found in raw fruits and veggies. But because not a lot of people are keen in eating raw foods, that’s where Green Barley powder comes to the rescue.

It’s high time that you replace your artificial vitamin and mineral supplements in your medicine cabinet since majority of these “supplements” just pass through the digestive system and are not immersed in the body. So you are basically taking supplements for nothing. Instead of those tablets, drink Green Barley powder. This barley juice is packed with essential enzymes that will be absorbed by the body.

Barley Enzymes

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is one very essential enzyme that you can get from barley. The core purpose of this potent antioxidant is to get rid of toxic substances from the cells in the body. Studies have revealed that SOD can even repair DNA in older active cells and restore their functions. This can result to reduced threat of cancer and other severe illnesses. Green barley powder is the best “organic” source of SOD that you can easily purchase on and offline.

Barley Amino Acids

Aside from enzymes, green barley is also packed with amino acids. These type of acids are important because they are helpful in growing, repairing and maintaining tissues. Because Green Barley powder is from young barley leaves, the powdered juice retains 45% of pure protein that contains all amino acids the body needs.

Barley Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the substance that makes green barley leaves green. This element is known to be an anti-inflammatory agent that is very useful for people suffering from metabolic disorders. Chlorophyll is also considered as a total body deodorant. It can easily eradicate anaerobic bacteria because it can easily break down carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen.

These are just three out of the numerous benefits that you can get from Green barley powder. As you can see, barley juice is a tremendously potent real food supplement that contains all the nutrients the body needs to survive. When you make a habit of drinking barley juice every day, you’d actually slow down your aging process as well. But more than these effects, you’d also experience how barley juice can help you prevent and/or cure whatever is bothering you, health-wise.

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