Green barley Wealth Testimony

With green barley, God gave me more…


Patience, + hard work + perseverance = Success Photo credit:

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Below is a testimony of a former wallet and bag maker, Marilyn, on how green barley has changed her life both in her health and wealth.

“Higit ang Binigay ni Lord”

She was earning PhP 200 per day as wallet and bag maker in a factory she was working for. Realizing this was not enough to handle all her family’s financial needs, she thought of looking for more options.

Her prayers were answered when her Ate Liza, her cousin-in-law invited her to a green barley seminar.

“Nabago po buhay ko sa Health Wealth. Natutunan ko dito na kahit grade 6 lang natapos ko, may pagkakataon pa pala akong kumita,” shares Marilyn.

Shy and reluctant in the beginning, Marilyn has grown, not only in terms of wealth, but with newfound personal confidence and style. Credit not only goes to the Health Wealth products’ dealership experience and training, says her superiors, but to Marilyn’s inherent traits of patience, hard work, and deep perseverance.

“After starting out with her immediate network of family and friends, Marilyn, utilized the flyering and cold canvassing style of selling in order to target prospective clients. Noong nasa Leadership Training Seminar namin sa Caliraya, she was the only dealer who was able to sell green barley to anyone who walks by during breaks and recess!”, shares one of her superiors. He attests: “Kahit pa-isa isang bote lang ang order ng client nya, inihahatid pa nya yun. Talagang bibilib ka sa kanyang sipag at tiyaga. Ang galing talaga!”

Today, Marilyn leads a more comfortable life. With her much improved state, she can now afford regular visits to her family in Bicol. She took care of her brother’s hospital expenses when the latter was confined due to a heart attack. Her son, formerly working as a security guard, is now also working in Marilyn’s team.

“Sobrang happy po ako. Lahat kami ngayon, green barley na ang iniinom. I share the product, lalo na doon sa gustong kumita. Lagi kong sinasabi, kahit kagaya ko na walang tinapos, may pagkakataong umasenso.”

Marilyn’s success has enabled her to open a Savings Account for her project. “Nakakaipon na po ako ngayon para sa aming sariling bahay. Talagang sobra-sobra po ito sa inaasahan ko. Higit po talaga ang binigay ni Lord.”

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