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Pure Green Barley Powder in Capsule Form

Pure Barley in Capsule Form: Green Barley A Total Food

Heart Plus – 100 % pure Green Barley powder in capsule form (500mg per capsule).

May 19, 2006 – US FDA approved PO6-70: Green barley reduces risk of coronary heart disease.


Natural Pure Barley Healing from Authentic Green Barley

Making the Most Out of Authentic Green Barley for Natural and Pure Barley Healing


With Green Barley Philippines, you're getting the original green barley for natural and pure barley healing.

Green barley: the best preventive and natural healthcare that you can get for natural and pure barley healing. Photo credit: Stuart Miles @freedigitalphotos.net

Probably one of the most renowned grass across the globe, barley comes complete with health treats that will definitely impress you. The fact is, of all the vegetation around the globe, it is acknowledged as the only plant life that can supply health sustenance to an individual from birth to old age. Since authentic green barley has been utilized since the ancient times and a large number of cultures used (and still use) the grass for both food and medicinal resource, many medical professionals became interested in the use of barley; hence, the uprising of barley products these days for natural or pure barley healing.
Green Barley is among, or even, the most used and in demand type of barley supplement.  Barley comes with a plethora of nutrients present in Green Barely since it comes from organic barley grass. An array of impressive natural and pure barley healing features of Green Barely helps one to naturally treat chronic ailments and lethal health disorders.
The key element of green barley juice as the best way for natural and pure barley healing is that it’s a superb source of nutritional supplements that reinforce the body’s various systems. Amino acids are also prevalent in barley juice that helps bolster muscle tissue repair. This Green Barely juice is ideal for folks who suffer from respiratory, cardio-vascular, and digestive diseases. The juice is also beneficial for people suffering from skin conditions, low supply of energy and even poor eyesight.
Another source of nourishment from barley is chlorophyll. This green color element is generally used to detox the body from poisons and chemicals that usually generate health conditions that if not dealt with effectively causes sudden death. Furthermore, chlorophyll and the digestive enzymes in authentic green barley assist the body to gain the right pH-level.
Green Barley has extraordinary therapeutic powers, as this powdered juice is a lot more than just a regular health product. Consuming barley daily 30 minutes ahead of your meal or 2 hours after meal is a good way of ensuring you have the resource to fight diseases such as ulcer, high blood pressure, asthma, leukemia, prostate cancer, migraine, acne, and a lot more of diseases that usually require a surgeries or a long period to naturally heal.
To be certain that you safely gain from natural and pure barley healing, it’s essential that you buy your live food supplement from a respectable and legitimate dealer of green barley: a total food. It’s likewise necessary that you examine the product packaging and its components to verify the authenticity of the supplement. Buy your product pack at Green Barley Philippines Web site at www.greenbarleyphilippines.com/green-barley-dealership.


Pure Barley Healing from Green Barley: A Total Food

Green Barley: A Total Food for Pure Healing


Health Check drink only the original green barley

Reality Health Check: Are you drinking ONLY the ORIGINAL green barley: a total food? Photo credit: David Castillo Dominici @www.freedigitalphotos.net

Since we were kids, our parents have urged us to eat as much green vegetables as possible. This is not a surprise since green veggies are known for a number of health benefits. But no all parents know that one of the best green plants that are used since the ancient times is barley. Well, it’s about time that barley takes the center stage for a change since according to Green Barley Essence, barley expert, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwana’s health book, pure barley or natural and organic barley is the sole vegetation that we need to survive.

Barley contains a powerful antioxidant that fights toxins and free radicals that result to fast aging, chronic illnesses or worse, cancer cell formations.
Juice from pure barley grass also prevents bad chemicals from invading our digestive systems, thanks mainly to the chlorophyll the grass holds. The great thing about barley is that drinking the juice daily is equivalent to eating a whole lot of spinach, green beans, kale, and other green veggies every day. In juice form, just by mixing 250ml of water into 22 grams of barley in the bottle, we can get all the nutrients our bodies need.
Because of the various nutrients that the body gets from pure barley, the juice is recommended as prevention and/or cure for many diseases. The composition of barley juice acts positively to enhance all the systems of the body. Since barley contains the magnificent chlorophyll, the body has a shield against tumor formations and effects. To further illustrate the many benefits of barley, here are a number of diseases that it can effectively prevent and/or cure.
Digestive problems such as stomatitis, gastritis, ulcer, pancreatitis and even the deadly anorexia can be healed with barley juice.
Diseases that target the liver such as hepatitis and cholecystitis can be prevented or cured with the help of barley.
Chronic cardio-vascular illnesses such as hypertension, hypotension, and heart diseases can be treated with constant intake of barley juice.
Insomnia, epilepsy, and other nervous system issues are listed on the disorders that pure barley juice can help control and even go away.
Illnesses caused by metabolism such as obesity, vitamin deficiency and even diabetes can be suppressed or cured by barley.
Respiratory system’s common disorders like asthma, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and the likes are also part of the barley-to-fight-diseases.
Aside from the aforementioned major body disorders, pure barley can also help with preventing and/or treating malignancies, aka the big C.
Furthermore, barley can also work wonders in treating hormonal disorders (dysmenorrhea), bone diseases (arthritis, rheumatic fever, etc.), skin conditions (acne, eczema, dermatitis), and reproductive issues (infertility).

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Pure Barley capsules

Heart Plus is 100% Pure GREEN BARLEY Powder in capsule form.

pure barley capsule www.greenbarleyphilippines.com

100 % Pure Barley in Capsule Form Photo Credit: HWIC Pic posted at www.greenbarleyphilippines.com

Our green barley bottle in powder form has been receiving great reviews from our clients nationwide and worldwide. Thank you all for patronizing our product, green barley a total food, the leading and original brand of green barley in the Philippines from the Health Wealth Corporation.

Lately, with the introduction of pure barley in capsule form, we’ve also been receiving a lot of inquiries about it. We have been receiving green barley testimonials from clients about the pure barley capsules.

Some of our clients said that in taking the pure barley capsules, they mix two capsules of pure barley in one bottle of green barley juice. Others just take the pure barley capsules as is.

Green Barley is best for people suffering from heart diseases and other leading causes of death.  On May 19, 2006, USFDA approved PO6-70 that green barley reduces risk of Coronary Heart Disease.

Green Barley Testimonial on Heart Disease:


Here’s the story on how greenbarley has helped 49-yr old Milagros Manansala.

green barley testimonial heart disease www.greenbarleyphilippines.com

Green Barley Testimonial on Heart Disease Photo Credit: HWIC

“Talagang para akong binagsakan ng langit, nang marinig ko yun,” recalls Milagros. Her battery of tests revealed a moderate to a severe degree of heart condition. Two doctors confirmed Milagros’ need for operation. “Barado daw kasi yung heart valves ko,” she says.

One afternoon, a certain Lolita, passing by Milagros’ house, came looking for a fellow neighbors. She noticed how occupied Milagros was in doing her paper works. She offered her to try greenbarley.

“Naniniwala naman ako sa herbal supplements. Health worker ako. Ito yung tinuturo sa amin sa training,” shares Milagros. Immediately, she drank the two tablespoons given to her by Lolit.

The wonderful effects were realized the following day.

Milagros recalls, “Kinabukasan, naisip ko, aba, hindi ako napagod. Buong araw akong nag-paper works! At hindi ako nahilo! Dati, panay ang inom ko ng paracetamol. Ang blood pressure ko laging mataas. Nasusuka ako. Pero, nung araw na yun, after taking Green Barley, wala akong naramdaman!”

These ill symptoms Milagros has been having were also the reasons why at one time, she thought of resigning from work. “Syempre, I felt inefficient na ako. Pero, talaga pagka-take ko ng greenbarley, I was energized!” Ngayon ko lang naramdaman yun. Kaya bumili ako ng ikalawang bote, hanggang sa inalok ako ni Lolit maging distributor,” she says.

With the PhP30,000.00 supposedly alloted for her operation, that Milagros received from her cousin, she purchased a whole box. “Pikit mata po talaga. Sabi ko bahala na. Kasi sabi nung isa kong kasama ko, subukan ko daw uminom ng isang bote bawat araw, at baka gumaling ang puso ko,” narrates Milagros. Her decision proved to be a real blessing! After her doctor’s visit, lab test revealed the superb news: “Hindi na daw po kailangang operahan!”, exclaimed Milagros. This was in April, after only three months of greenbarley.

Last May, as her way of thanking God for the blessing, Milagros held a feast – for her and her husband’s 30th anniversary, for her grandchildren’s birthday, and most of all, for her new gift of life.

She confirms: “Miracle juice ang dapat na pangalan nito, hindi green barley. Mahal talaga ako ng Diyos. Sa maikling panahon lang, pinagaling Niya ako”.