Frequently Asked Questions About Green Barley

How to take Green Barley?

The ideal time to take Green Barley is either two hours after a meal or twenty minutes before eating so that the stomach can thoroughly digest and absorb the Green Barley nutrients. Mix Green Barley with room temperature or cold water but never with hot water. Hot water will destroy the enzymes found in Green Barley.

Can I overdose on Green Barley?

NO. Green Barley is a food extract and not a drug. It is made from freshly squeezed fruit extract and barley grass. You can’t possibly overdose on green salads.

Can I lose weight with Green Barley?

YES because it has only twenty calories per serving. Plus, it contains high amount of nutrients that can help burn fat and convert it to energy. If you’re on a weight loss program, you can take Green Barley to provide you enough enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to keep you going without worrying about fats and calories.

Can I use Green Barley for fasting?

YES because it contains essential micronutrients to supplement your body while you’re fasting. It has proteins and complex carbohydrates so you have energy for metabolism.

What are the benefits of Green Barley?

Green Barley is all natural. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes to keep you strong and healthy without counting calories. It helps deliver nutrients to cells, neutralizes toxins and protects you from free radicals that can cause illnesses and stimulate premature ageing.

What are enzymes and how can they help me?

Enzymes deliver nutrients, get rid of toxins, digest food, purify blood, deliver hormones, and stimulate the brain to strengthen the body’s immune system. Enzymes can enhance blood, break down fats, shed extra weight, enhance mental capacity and improve aging skin. Green Barley is a natural source of enzymes.

Does Green Barley have caffeine?

NO. Green Barley does not have caffeine. It is only made from organic barley grass. The boost of energy that you get is from the phytonutrients found in Green Barley. These phytonutrients boost the capacity of our cells to produce more energy that does not affect with sleep and relaxation.

How much sugar is in Green Barley?

Green Barley has a small amount of plant sugar. It is safe for people with unstable sugar levels. In fact, Green Barley is perfect for people suffering from diabetes.

Does Green Barley have Gluten?

NO. Green Barley is safe for people who are gluten-sensitive. Unlike grain that has gluten, barley is from the grass family and definitely does not have gluten.

Why is Green Barley green?

Chlorophyll from the Barley grass gives off the green color. Green Barley is all-natural. No artificial color added.

What does chlorophyll do?

Chlorophyll provides energy, enhances better circulation, fights free radicals, and improves the body’s immune system. Green Barley’s Chlorophyll is a natural detoxifier and aids in the elimination of toxins from the tissues and intestines. It also helps in reducing bad breath. Chlorophyll is also an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

What’s the difference between chlorophyll supplements and those found in Green Barley?

It’s hard to separate chlorophyll from green plants. The chlorophyll in most supplements is altered and unnatural. However, in Green Barley, the chlorophyll is in its natural form.

Can I use Green Barley for detoxification?

YES, you can. Green Barley has essential nutrients that act as detoxifiers that release toxins from the body tissues. Detox should be done every day to make sure that our body does not accumulate toxins.

What is a detoxifier and how can I benefit from it?

A detoxifier removes wastes or poisons from our bodies. When detoxifying, remember to take in plenty of liquid to dilute the released toxins. After a week or so of detoxifying, you would notice that your skin looks better and it has a glow on it and your internal body feels cleaned. Before you start detoxifying, consult your doctor first.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to our DNA, cellular membranes and blood vessels causing them to malfunction. Antioxidants are important in neutralizing the free radicals to maintain normal and healthy cell functions.

Does Green Barley have the same amount of nutrients that multivitamin supplements have?

NO. Green Barley has more nutrients than multivitamins. Green Barley has complete vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes to give you the ultimate nutrition that you need.

Can I take other supplements while taking Green Barley?

That depends on you. Green Barley is already packed with essential micronutrients but if you want to take other supplements while taking Green Barley, you may do so.

Is it safe to multivitamins while taking Green Barley?

Yes it is safe. Green Barley is a natural product and will not interfere with your multivitamins.

If I take other supplements together with Green Barley can I get overdosed on the Vitamins?

No. Green Barley works fine with any supplement. Green Barley is a whole food extract and whole foods do not have excessive amounts of any specific nutrient.

Where is Green Barley assimilated?

Assimilation starts in the mouth, then to the esophagus, down to the stomach and intestines. It continues all through the whole gastrointestinal tract.

Can Green Barley cause upset stomach?

Green Barley helps balance stomach acid because it is alkaline. If you are suffering from chronic stomach condition like too much stomach acidity, see your health practitioner.

Where can I store my Green Barley?

Green Barley should be kept away from excess heat, sunlight and moisture. It should be stored in its own packing. We discourage you from storing your Green Barley (it it’s still sealed and not yet mixed with water) in the refrigerator because it can cause nutrients to oxidize and degrade.

Can I add Green Barley to a large amount of water?

Yes. Refrigerate it in a high cool temperature after mixing it with water. If you have opened the bottle, keep it in the refrigerator.

Can I take Green Barley with meals?

It’s okay to take Green Barley with meals but if you want maximum absorption of nutrients, it’s best to take Green Barley on an empty stomach.

Is Green Barley safe for kids?

Yes, it is safe for kids. However, for children reduced serving size should be given in proportion to their body weight. Children over ten years old can have a regular serving size because their metabolism is usually higher.

Can I use Green Barley as a prenatal supplement?

Yes. One Green Barley serving equals to a salad of dark green vegetables. Green Barley has essential micronutrients and it is natural and safe even for pregnant women. Moreover, make sure you consult with you doctor first for proper care.

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