Green Barley Philippines Web site is a health advocacy site about the amazing benefits of green barley miracle juice.

Our prime mission in putting up this site is to increase people’s awareness around the world that there exists a natural, and preventive healthcare – a  food product, green barley – a miracle prescription from God.

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Contact Points:

Global#:  +63916 783 9978 | +63906 363 5425 (Viber)

Email addresses: greenbarleyphilippines@yahoo.com


Green Barley Philippines Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/greenbarleybestherbalproduct


Original Green Barley Philippines Web site www.greenbarleyphilippines.com – most trusted and most visited Web site about Green Barley – was founded by Deese, an OFW in the Middle East, together with her sister Dej, official company speaker for HealthWealth.

My sister-business partner, Dej, and I have been advocating about green barley for several years now.

In my case, for the first two years, my belief in the product that it can change the world has led me to begin the online revolution in the Philippines, and eventually, it conquered the world wide web. My initiative then about this amazing green juice started through the motto which I coined: “GREEN BARLEY SAVES”…through the first Web site that I made at www.greenbarleysaves.com and a few days later through Green Barley Philippines at www.greenbarleyphilippines.com, the first and original sites about green barley that revolutionized the branding of this product in the Philippines and online. The first search for green barley online (in the Philippines) came only in 2010 right after I propagated my sites…To God goes the glory.


First search about green barley (online) in the Philippines happened only in 2010 after I put up my sites www.greenbarleyphilippines.com and www.greenbarleysaves.com
Green barley product was first introduced in the Philippines in 2006.

My sister and I consider green barley not just as a health product or a network marketing or dealership business. We consider it a MISSION. For as long as there are still those who don’t know that there exists a natural, preventive, affordable healthcare through green barley, our mission to empower others about green barley will be here to stay and flourish. Our belief is backed up by the amazing testimonials that green barley does save lives…and it’s God’s miracle prescription. Green barley has spiritual roots…It’s mentioned in the Holy Bible for 36 times. Truly, GB is God’s Blessing.

– Deese

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