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Is green barley good for people with Cancer? green barley dealers - 22. July 2017

Yes, #greenbarley is superfood for people with #cancer. Just buy from authorized green barley dealers. Please contact us at +63916 783 9978.

May coco cream po ba kayo? beauty products, health products - 22. July 2017

None po. Kindly contact us at +63916 783 9978 for other products. We have a lot of beauty and health products to choose from.

hi po. nayroon po ba kayong green barley distributor here sa bacolod or negros? 🙂 green barley distributor, green barley orders - 22. July 2017

For provincial #greenbarleyorders, we ship. Kindly contact us at +63916 783 9978.

Meron po ba kau green barley store dito sa dagupan city or malapit dito green barley provinces, green barley store - 22. July 2017

For provincial orders, we ship #greenbarley. Please get in touch with us at +63916 783 9978.

may benfit po ba ang green barley sa mga may kidney conditions? green barley kidney - 22. July 2017

To further assist you, kindly contact us at +63916 783 9978 regarding #greenbarleykidney.

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Barley Juice Philippines



We have two barley juices to choose from: the green barley classic and the fruit punch barley chia juice. This is our new Barley Juice: the Fruit Punch with real chia seeds and green barley! Try it to experience the punch! Call us at +63917 452 4741 and look for MsDej. Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/greenbarleybestherbalproduct

One of the most popular forms of healthy green juices is green barley juice which comes from the most nutritious plant, barley grass. It can be taken either purely or as a juicing ingredient in other juices. Our barley brands, the green barley classic and ultimate fruit punch with real chia seeds and green barley, are the best trending super juices in the Philippines.

Why Barley Juice?

Barley grass is best taken in juice form for fast and easy absorption/assimilation of the nutrients in the body. We also have barley in capsule form, and it contains pure barley.

Barley juice is a super food. It harbors both nutritional and health benefits to the consumer. Nutritional experts and doctors alike recommend its use for proper diet and nutrition. But its benefits do not just stop in dealing with nutritional deficiencies. Its essential nutrients help with giving our bodies its optimum health:

  • Aesthetics, especially skin care and anti-aging
  • Weight management
  • Boost immune system
  •  Best aid for those with poor sleeping habits
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Promotes clear thinking
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body
  • and more!

How does Barley Juice achieve the aforementioned benefits?

Barley juice contains in total 20 amino acids including the eight essential ones that the body cannot produce on its own. These include, Valine (improves sleeping habits), Alanine, L-tyrosine (suppress appetite), Argine (heal wounds and enhance hormone production) just to mention a few. These amino acids are very essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Barley juice also contains vitamins including vitamin K and alkaline minerals. Vitamins are very crucial in protecting the body from ailing since the  absence of which permits the related health complications. The various minerals help in building immune system, building bones and even as anti aging agents. Folic acid helps in the synthesis of the DNA and cell building, along many other roles.

In addition, barley juice has enzymes, which are helpful in the weight loss process, among others. They include cytochrome oxidase, peroxidase, fatty acid oxidase, catalase and transhydrogenase. These five enzymes are efficient in the decomposition of fats, hence natural healthy weight loss.

This healthy powerhouse juice also contains chlorophyll, which has its own benefits to the human health and nutrition. This substance is effective for detoxifying the body as it cleans the lymphatic system and nourishes the vascular system. Foods harboring chlorophyll such as barley juice are good transporters of oxygen that is essential clear thinking faculties, stimulates tissue growth and it reduces the intake of carcinogens by the body.

It is important to note that even though the use of barley juice as a natural remedy for health issues, it’s still important that you do other things and activities that will help your body achieve holistic state of health such as having a good exercise habits, good sleeping habits, and healthy self-esteem, and more. We also encourage that you should make sure you’re buying and drinking the original green barley juice, as there are lots of fake barley products out there.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our barley products, please set an appointment with us by emailing us at healthwealth@greenbarleyphilippines.com. We have two barley juices to choose from, as mentioned earlier: 1) Green Barley Classic and 2) Fruit Punch Barley with real chia seeds.

Today’s New Year. Happy New, Healthy You!

Take charge of your life the barley way.

Green Barley Philippines Team

Barley Powder


Take charge of your health the green barley way! – From The Barley Lady at Green Barley Philippines.com

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, the scientist behind the barley powder juice discovered this amazing food out of personal tragedy. When he was just 38 years old, he lost his health. His teeth were falling, his hair was graying. He tried to regain his health by taking modern drugs and synthetic vitamins and minerals but without much success. He also tried other herbal medicines and cleansing diets but he achieved some results.

Out of the many green plants which he studied in over 10 years, he discovered that it’s only the barley plant that’s SUPERIOR among all others. Dr. Hagiwara was able to regain his health through his amazing barley product, a food concentrate of natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and chlorophyll.

There are many barley powder juice products in the market nowadays. In the Philippines, the first brand of green barley that was introduced is the Green Barley powder juice product that’s locally manufactured by Health Wealth Corp since 2006. Just be very careful when buying barley powder in the Philippines as there are many copycats of this green barley juice.

The Green Barley Philippines Web site at www.greenbarleyphilippines.com and Green Barley Saves Web site at www.greenbarleysaves.com are the first Web sites that really catapulted the online search for green barley in the Philippines. The first search about green barley in the Philippines came only during the late 2010. These two Web sites came into existence in mid2010, when the barley lady-founder of these two Web sites was just a drinker/user of green barley.

Please contact us if you want to be sure that you’re buying only the original barley powder. You may also want to become our business partner or green barley dealer wherever you are in this world. We offer free shipping for 1st box order within the Philippines. For orders from other countries, you may buy at the Green Barley Philippines Online Store via secured payment gateway (credit card of paypal).

We offer free product presentation (one-on-one) or group presentation regarding the amazing benefits of green barley powder juice. You may get in touch with us at 0063917 452 4741 or +63917 452 4741.

To your health and wealth,

Green Barley Philippines Team
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+63922 868 6829

Anti-Cancer Foods: barley, oats, and more…

Dr. Philip Chua of Cebu Daily News enumerated the following Anti-Cancer Foods:

1) Tomatoes

2) Garlic

3) Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, kale and cabbage)

4) Carrots

5) Spinach

6) Dark chocolate

7) Whole grains and nuts – He mentioned that oats and barley are two of the best cereals.

Read more here…http://globalnation.inquirer.net/cebudailynews/opinion/view/20100412-263806/Anti-cancer-foods

If you want to try our barley product, please feel free to contact us or attend our free orientation seminars about green barley. You may contact us at +63917 452 4741 or via our email addresses at greenbarleyphilippines@yahoo.com or at healthwealth@greenbarleyphilippines.com


Barley powder: ingredient in life-boosting tonic

I recently read about Cory Quirino’s article, Wellness on a different level, and there she mentioned about life-boosting tonic recipe which included barley powder. I’m posting herewith a portion of that article:

Life-boosting tonic:

Ingredients: Anything green in your refrigerator, or better yet, your garden.

Handfuls of green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, arugula)

Sprouts (alfalfa, beansprouts, raddish)

2 tbsp barley powder

1 glass fresh coconut water

1 packet of wheat grass

1 tsp raw wild honey

Juice the vegetables and mix the rest in a blender. Feel energized!
Read more: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/45763/wellness-on-a-different-level#ixzz2lP0trPgS

I couldn’t agree more with her when she said that our body evolves when we drink enyzme-rich beverages. I’ll follow Cory Quirino’s juicing recipe. I’ll add my barley powder to the above ingredients and see the tremendous effect that this power juice will make on my body.

I’ve also seen the amazing health benefits of drinking power juices (including green barley powder juice).  If you want to try our barley powder juice and just mix it with plain water, please don’t hesitate to contact Green Barley Philippines. Here’s the link on how you can buy our barley powder juice in bottle form.

Green Barley FDA Registration Number FR-113742

Edits: Please contact us in our new green barley philippines hotline number: +63916 783 9978. 


To answer your question: “If green barley is registered with FDA Philippines”, herewith is the product registration number: FDA FR 113742.

To God goes the glory!


Green Barley FDA Product Registration Number: FDA FR – 113742 Buy your original green barley product pack at Internet’s most trusted and most visited Web site about green barley: www.greenbarleyphilippines.com

Buy only the original green barley product from authorized green barley philippines distributors. We ship nationwide and overseas. You may become a member for personal use or business use or both. It’s automatic dealership upon buying 1 box of green barley or 1 product pack. One box contains 28 bottles which you can use up to 196 days at min. recommended adult dosage of 30ml.

How to buy green barley:

1) You may buy through us at greenbarleyphilippines@yahoo.com or healthwealth@greenbarleyphilippines.com or at +63916 783 9978.

2) If you’re paying via bank deposit or Western Union/Moneygram, you can use this link: Green Barley Dealership . You will instantly receive a confirmation email there regarding your order for 1 box. If you’re ordering from other countries, we’ll send you a separate email regarding the shipping fee and total payment for your green barley order. Responses normally take 24-48 hours. If you don’t get our response immediately, and your order is urgent, kindly check your spam folder or don’t hesitate to call/SMS at the following contact points:

+63916 783 9978
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3) You may also order via Private Message at Green Barley Philippines Official Facebook Page at https://facebook.com/greenbarleybestherbalproduct 

4) You may simply just call/send us a message via Green Barley Philippines numbers (stated above).

5) You may meetup with us if you’re residing in Metro Manila. Please set an appointment so we can mark our calendars.

6) If you’re outside the country as a foreigner or overseas filipino worker (OFW), please note that we ship to other countries, too. If you’re an OFW and you want to buy green barley for your loved ones in the Philippines or anywhere around the world, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re a foreigner, and you want to bring green barley to your country, we’d like to welcome you as our business partner.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others through green barley.


To your health and wealth,

Founder/Owner www.greenbarleyphilippines.com
The Barley Lady, propagated the search for green barley in the Philippines and green barley philippines in the world wide web