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Pwede po ba mbili ng mura sa 275pesos ang green barley? green barley member, green barley price - 22. July 2017

Hi! Di po pwdeng mabili na mas mura sa PhP275 ang #greenbarley. Yan po ang #greenbarleyprice mandatory retail price po ng green barley bottle. Kindly contact us at +63916 783 9978 for discounts and benefits as #greenbarleymember or #greenbarleydealer.

Ask ko po how much po charge to US shipping ng green barley green barley USA - 22. July 2017

Hi! To USA, shipping via Express Mail is PhP 4063. But I will check the updated price, if ever meron man. Kindly contact us at +63916 783 9989.

good pm po, pwede rin po ba ang green barley sa may sakit sa puso green barley heart problems - 22. July 2017

Hello po. Thank you for your question. Yup, pwdeng pwede po ang #greenbarley sa mga taong may heart problems. Kindly contact us at +63916 783 9978 so we can further assist you.

Myroon po aqng nabibiling green barley 160per bottle sa mac arthur HighwayDau indi po ba to fake?at pano malalaman qng fake o hindi? green barley fake, green barley price - 22. July 2017

Kung pagbabasehan lng ay presyo po n PhP160, fake na. PhP275/bottle ang price ng original green barley. Wala pong bababa dyan o sosobra. Though di lang presyo ang basis. Marami pa po.

Please buy only from authorized green barley distributors. You may want to contact us at +63916 783 9978.

Hi! Can i buy green barley bottles only in Greenfield district ? Where can i buy to be sure that its not fake? My location is in imus. green barley mandaluyong, green barley shipping - 22. July 2017

Hi! We ship green barley nationwide. Kindly contact us at +63916 783 9978. Thanks and best health regards.


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Belly Happy Probiotic Health Drink with Barley Grass

Belly Happy for weight loss and skin rejuvenation www.greenbarleyphilippines.com

What is Belly Happy?

Belly Happy is an all natural probiotic drink that supports a healthy digestive system. Enhanced with green barley to promote overall health and wellness.

Health Importance of having a healthy digestive system:

A healthy digestive system is vital to the immune system!

Did you know that approximately 80% of the body’s immune system dwells in the digestive tract? It is, thus, important to maintain a healthy digestive system in order to have a properly functioning immune system. Our immune system needs good bacteria as primary defense. An example of good bacteria, Intestinal Microflora, prevents the overgrowth of potentially harmful bacteria in our intestines, and it also forms a barrier on the intestinal wall so that harmful bacteria and germs cannot enter into the blood and lymph systems.

Probiotics are good bacteria essential to good health!

Probiotics are living microorganisms, also called Good bacteria, which when taken in adequate amounts, have a beneficial effect on the body.

BELLY HAPPY is composed of billions of microorganisms with the following health benefits:

  • promotes healthy digestion
  • prevents constipation and diarrhea
  • helps in the absorption of many key nutrients
  • helps to repress the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses
  • helps prevent and treat infections of the urinary tract or female genital tract
  • helps treat irritable bowel syndrome
  • helps restore balance after undergoing antiobiotic treatment

Probiotics help promote good skin and weight loss:

  • probiotics help people manage eczema, dermatitis, and prevent premature aging
  • probiotics help absorb fewer calories, help suppress appetite, prevent bloating, and constipation
  • probiotics support weight loss by helping to increase metabolism, the breakdown of complex carbohydrates and by killing harmful intestinal microorganisms

PROBIOTICS combined with superfood Green Barley = BELLY HAPPY!

Belly happy equals a happy belly!

Get your belly happy now at a discounted price by becoming a member.



New Health Product: Green Coco Beauty and Energy Drink with Green Barley

green coco energy drink with green barley

Green Coco Beauty and Energy Drink www.greenbarleyphilippines.com

One box contains 20 sachets of Green Coco Beauty and Energy Drink

What is Green Coco with Green Barley?

It’s a refreshing drink for optimum health and beauty!

Green Coco Drink contains the combined health benefits of of 100% natural coconut water and green barley in powder form. It’s a refreshing drink that is packed with vitamins and minerals to help boost energy, improve the immune system and enhance beauty from the inside!

Importance of Coconut Water – Mother’s Nature Drink of Life!

Coconut Water is the purest liquid second to water itself. It is known to be a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Studies show that it is loaded with magnesium, potassium, and calcium, and is linked to many health benefits, such as:


  • low carbohydrate and fat intake – 99% fat free
  • aids in the treatment of kidney and urethral stones
  • excellent oral rehydration medium, an all natural isotonic for all ages
  • presence of saline and albumen makes it an excellent drink in cholera cases
  • has been known to kill intestinal worms including the parasite Giardia Lamblia
  • aids the body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS
  • helps prevent and control osteoporosis, diabetes, gallbladder diseases, skin infections
  • promotes normal bowel movements and improve digestion
  • promotes healthy thyroid
  • used in cancer therapy
  • relieves stress on pancreas and enzyme systems of the body
  • helps eliminate Candida yeast infections
  • inhibits the growth of mycoplasma
  • helps keep skin soft and smooth
  • provides quick and renewed energy

and, with Green Barley, it offers, even more, lots of health benefits!

Try Green Coco and discover its amazing healing properties!


Understanding Cholesterol INFOGRAPHICS

Cholesterol Infographics

Green barley is good for people suffering from high (bad) cholesterol levels. Buy your original product pack at www.greenbarleyphilippines.com/green-barley-dealership. Call/Text at +63917 452 4741.

cholesterol levels infographic

Learn the better indicator of heart disease risk than just your total cholesterol – plus the dangers of statins and the need to supplement with CoQ10 if you’re taking these cholesterol-lowering drugs – through our infographic “How to Make Sense of Your Cholesterol Levels.”


Orthomolecular medicine: Nutrition

green barley total nutrition

Buy green barley philippines mini-pack *4 bottles* 1 month total nutrition for PhP 1200. Email us at greenbarleyphilippines@yahoo.com or text/call us at +63917 452 4741 Viber Free Call/Free SMS: +965 6608 1636

Today’s medicine has advanced far beyond the practices of even a single generation ago. In the past, a lot of blanket treatments were used: techniques and medicines that were believed to treat most (if not all) versions of a particular illness or condition. As medicine has progressed, many medical institutions have come to realize that each individual person has a different reaction to conditions and diseases, and that the best treatment occurs only when we discover the ideal concentration of naturally occurring substances in the body that can address, treat, and cure those conditions. This practice, largely developed by two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, is referred to as orthomolecular medicine.

Orthomolecular medicine takes a holistic approach to discovering the root cause of the problem in a patient, and attempts to address the issue through natural means. The core concepts behind this practice can be broken down as follows.

1) Properly analyze and diagnose the condition, and avoid the use of pharmacological drugs for treatment if possible. Synthetic solutions are riskier than treatment through the increase or decrease of already existing substances in the body.

2) The individual’s genetic makeup and unique condition determine what type of treatment should be used. Often, it is only possible to discover the ideal treatment through therapeutic trial.

3) Follow-up visits and continued monitoring are necessary to maintain the optimal concentrations of required vitamins, micronutrients, phytochemicals, etc. Health and wellness usually require more than a single visit or short-term treatment plan.

4) Ensure that the patient is well-informed, and is hopeful of recovery.

5) Inspire and teach the patient to view his/her health as a lifetime commitment.

Ultimately, improved nutrition is the aim of orthomolecular medicine. The orthomolecular practice is not adverse to using drugs when they offer the only true solution for a situation, as determined by the individual’s needs. However, in many cases, a natural solution is available. This balance is what separates orthomolecular medicine from Holistic medicine and conventional medicinal practices.

Green Barley Nutrition

Total nutrition can be achieved by an individual by drinking green barley a total food. Dr. Hagiwara, green barley scientist, claimed that barley is the only vegetation on earth that can provide nutrition from birth to old age.

Green Barley A Total Food is a superfood that is packed with essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids. Get your original product pack by emailing us at greenbarleyphilippines@yahoo.com.

Diabetes Management with Green Barley

If you have diabetes, it’s important that you manage your condition properly, and you must have the right information in order to do that. This requires a look at many different aspects of living with the disease. Continue reading to find out some helpful advice on how to manage diabetes at home.

If you’re in need of losing some weight, then it’s time to drop those unwanted pounds. It is even more of a risk to be living as an overweight diabetic. Diabetes makes it easy to gain weight, and losing weight is much harder. Therefore, it’s not an easy fight, but you must take off those pounds. Even losing a little bit of weight at a time will go a long way.

You need to be regularly testing your blood sugar in order to stay on top of that figure. Doing this will help you keep your levels at the right place. You don’t want to constantly experience sugar lows and highs because you’re not keeping track of your blood sugar.

Try eating smaller meals each time. This allows your metabolism to tackle those carbohydrates, and it also helps your digestive system get a break and function consistently and normally. You can eat more meals each day, but just eat smaller meals and portions. You also need to be eating the right types of meal. Diabetics must follow a strict diet, but it doesn’t need to be as ferocious as it sounds. All you need to do is ease yourself into some healthy but tasteful lifestyle changes regarding food.

Eat plenty of high fiber foods in order to help your digestive system and diet as well. One food that is best for people with diabetes is GREEN BARLEY.

Limit your alcohol consumption or doing away with it altogether. It’s important because alcohol can really mess with your body’s systems in general as well as your blood sugar. Also, if you’re a smoker, you need to stop smoking. Smoking and diabetes do not mix at all.

While you want to drink plenty of different healthy beverages, you should stay away from anything acidic or sugary. Cut out on sodas, even diet soda. Make sure you’re drinking enough water each day.

Be sure that you keep up with your condition and receive proper monitoring by checking in with your doctor on a regular basis. This can help you make any changes that might need to be made. You can figure out how you’re doing and receive an update on your condition.

Dealing with diabetes doesn’t have to feel like an overwhelming life sentence. Think of it more as a forced healthy lifestyle change in which you will benefit immensely. You will be living much healthier with the tips you’ve just read, so keep them in mind as you take a new approach to living with diabetes.