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Nakakatanggal ba ng scar s lungs ang green barley green barley lung problems, green barley lung scar - 2. May 2016

Yup, malaki po ang maitutulong ng green barley sa mga may lung problems.

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how can i determine a fake green barley from the original fake green barley juice, original green barley juice - 18. April 2016

There are many ways to know if it’s fake or not such as the bottle, the taste, the color of the barley powder, and the price. However, it will be best to distinguish one only if we have seen the sample. As there are many fake green barley juices that proliferate nowadays, I advice that you buy green barley only from authorized distributors or outlets. Should you need to buy original green barley juice, you may contact us at +63916 783 9978.

are green barley being sold in the drug store genuine? 18. April 2016

No idea unless we see the sample. There are many brands of green barley juice. Buy only the original green barley juice from authorized distributors. Should you need help, you may contact us at +63916 783 9978.

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Green barley is the food for cancer

is green barley good for cancer

Green Barley for Cancer

The human body is a complete system that is capable of repairing itself. It has the amazing ability to continuously replace old cells with new cells. Cells die due to wear and tear or they simply reach the end of their cycles.

When a cell dies, it secretes some growth substances that alert the other cells of the need for its replacement. This way, the growth of cells is regulated.

There are a lot of different instances however, where cells growth is unchecked (uncontrolled or unregulated). This is where cancer comes in. The cancerous cells can infect the adjacent cells and organs through touch, or to distant organs through the body fluids transferred through the blood system or lymphatic system. One might doubt the fatality of cancer, however, a look at the numbers will remove all the doubt. About 8 million people (7.6 million to be precise) die of cancer each year all over the world.

Throughout the years, medical practitioners have been on the lookout for cancer cure. Thanks to the scientist, Dr. Hagiwara, who patiently took the time to study about barley from among 150 plants and grains.
Barley is a member of the grass family and is used in making a lot of products like distilled beverages and animal fodder. It has also been found to be the vital ingredient in total food supplements like green barley. Dr. Hagiwara attested that barley is the vegetation on Earth that can provide nutrition from birth to old age.

Green barley contains a lot of essential nutrients that some have called it a “living food”. This food contains enzymes like Catalase, Polyphenoloxidase and Nitrate reductase. It also contains the following vitamins: Folic acid, Niacin, Pantothenic acid just to mention a few. Minerals like Iodine, Potassium, and Selenium are also contained in green barley. Clearly, barley is considered not as medicine but a total food that for people with cancer, and other diseases.
There are several ways of looking at how green barley assist cancer patients, firstly, cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body and green barley provides this alkaline condition. Barley also contains 2-0-Glycosylisovitexine enzyme and a high amount of potassium which prevent the multiplication of cancer cells. The P4D1 enzyme contained in the barley has the ability to repair damaged DNA molecules and destroy cancerous cells at the same time.
Owing to its natural contents, green barley not only slows down the spread of cancer, but actually helps patients in dealing with cancer naturally – with no adverse side effects.


Green Barley Benefits People with high cholesterol

green barley benefits people with high cholesterol

Cholesterol Check: Drink Green Barley
Photo credit: Stuart Miles @ Free Digital Photos. net

Apart from pharmaceuticals, selected organic supplements like Green Barley may also bring betterment in blood cholesterol levels. These cholesterol decreasing health supplements are earning lots of recognition these days and some have actually started taking them, with or without the consent from their doctors.

To further stress how these natural supplements can help the body maintain a good and well-balanced cholesterol level, here are some of the organic supplements that are considered the best in the market.

To start with is fish oil, known as omega 3 fatty acid. Fish oil supplements consist of omega 3 essential fatty acids that boost a healthy heart. Research ensures that this particular supplement lowers triglyceride levels significantly. Apart from decreasing triglyceride levels, it can also help boost good cholesterol levels, therefore lowering the chance of heart ailments.

Another supplement that is gaining recognition these days is sitostanol. This is essentially a compound found in various plants and is primarily produced from vegetable oils. It is an essential ingredient of margarine. Recent studies show that a small group of people struggling with raised cholesterol levels was put on sitostanol health supplements. After a specified time period, these people exhibited a decrease in bad cholesterol.

But possibly the best health supplement in the market that can combat high level of cholesterol is Green Barley. Patients with high levels of cholesterol ought to incorporate this healthy food drink in their diet. Habitual intake of barley juice can lower LDL cholesterol, commonly known as the “bad cholesterol.” Barley is a great source of soluble fiber and thus ingesting it each day can lessen cholesterol fast, thereby decreasing the likelihood of cardiovascular conditions. Because Green Barley is a superfood, drinking this juice is considered as the best healthy alternative to drinking prescribed pills when trying to lower high cholesterol levels.

What is great about Green Barley is that aside from its benefits in balancing the body’s cholesterol levels, the juice’s list of rewards is still long. Green Barley can prevent and/or cure common conditions like acne, eczema, headache to severe ones like problems with digestion, fatigue, to critical issues like cancer and system disorders.

Considerations for Green Barley and Other Health Supplements

Taking into consideration the good results proven by numerous studies carried out on aforesaid health supplements, it’s possible to be tempted to switch prescribed medicines with natural cholesterol-lowering food supplement like green barley juice. A lot of our satisfied barley grass customers commented that, so far, green barley has helped them in combating their high cholesterol and other cardio vascular symptoms.

It’s also important to note that aside from health supplements, having a good and well-planned diet, regular exercise and healthy living can immensely contribute in lowering your cholesterol levels. A combination of everything will guarantee you a healthier and longer life.

Green Barley Juice : Nature’s Best Food Product and Health Supplement

Green Barley Juice: Best Food Health Supplement

Green barley juice is the best food product and supplement that will ensure optimum health benefits.

Does your green drink bring sunshine to your smile? If not, you may start drinking green barley juice (make sure though that you put cold water on it and your barley is not stored/exposed to the sun/under extreme hot conditions :d). Photo credit: Michal Marcol @freedigitalphotos.net

“I was a walking time bomb.”
That’s how Susan described her condition nearly 14 years ago. A mother of three and wife to a retired employee, Susan suffered from the effects of multiple myoma on her uterus. Constant bleeding and persistent pain were her companion for the longest time. And her gynecologist advised her to go under the knife else her condition might lead to death.

“I didn’t even want Green Barley, in the beginning. I was hesitant to try it. But after prodding, I started drinking the 30 ml. daily for two months. And from then on, I remember that was October 2009, until this present time, I drink the whole bottle of Green Barley daily.”
– Susan, mother of 3

Stories like Susan may sound familiar to a lot of people. When it comes to food health supplements, many are still skeptical in trying new products. However, with proper research and correct dosage, supplements can go a long way in making sure that the body is on tip-top shape. Green barley juice is exactly the right health and barley product to buy.
Created from what is known as the best and most nutritious vegetation on earth, green barley juice provides a wide scale of powerful nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, enzymes and amino acids, antioxidants and chlorophyll, which can provide the body with the help it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The availability of these nutrients means faster absorption and production of energy. Moreover, the boast of nutrients will help the body prevent or recover from any kind of illnesses.
If you’ll look closely at the nutritional content of green barley juice, you can tell that the amino acids oozing from this food health supplement are in charge of protein build-up in the body enabling cell growth and production of the right amount of energy that the body needs. Aside from these amino acids, the enzymes in barley also provides the body with momentous increase in energy.
One of the major benefits of this particular food health supplement is its effect in balancing the body’s pH level. Green barley juice has an alkalizing result on body’s pH, which helps in restoring and maintaining the correct acidity-alkalinity ratio. Without this sense of balance, acidity will prevail and the body’s ability to carry oxygen (to convert food to energy) will be compromised; thus, providing less energy for the body.
The great thing about Green Barely is that all nutrients found in the barley grass are packed in the powdered barley juice so you can be sure that you can get all the nutrients. If you haven’t tried to add a natural food health supplement in your daily diet, then it’s about time to try Green Barley. Buy your product pack at the most trusted and most visited Web site about green barley: a total food, Green Barley Philippines Web site at www.greenbarleyphilippines.com/green-barley-dealership.

Natural Pure Barley Healing from Authentic Green Barley

Making the Most Out of Authentic Green Barley for Natural and Pure Barley Healing


With Green Barley Philippines, you're getting the original green barley for natural and pure barley healing.

Green barley: the best preventive and natural healthcare that you can get for natural and pure barley healing. Photo credit: Stuart Miles @freedigitalphotos.net

Probably one of the most renowned grass across the globe, barley comes complete with health treats that will definitely impress you. The fact is, of all the vegetation around the globe, it is acknowledged as the only plant life that can supply health sustenance to an individual from birth to old age. Since authentic green barley has been utilized since the ancient times and a large number of cultures used (and still use) the grass for both food and medicinal resource, many medical professionals became interested in the use of barley; hence, the uprising of barley products these days for natural or pure barley healing.
Green Barley is among, or even, the most used and in demand type of barley supplement.  Barley comes with a plethora of nutrients present in Green Barely since it comes from organic barley grass. An array of impressive natural and pure barley healing features of Green Barely helps one to naturally treat chronic ailments and lethal health disorders.
The key element of green barley juice as the best way for natural and pure barley healing is that it’s a superb source of nutritional supplements that reinforce the body’s various systems. Amino acids are also prevalent in barley juice that helps bolster muscle tissue repair. This Green Barely juice is ideal for folks who suffer from respiratory, cardio-vascular, and digestive diseases. The juice is also beneficial for people suffering from skin conditions, low supply of energy and even poor eyesight.
Another source of nourishment from barley is chlorophyll. This green color element is generally used to detox the body from poisons and chemicals that usually generate health conditions that if not dealt with effectively causes sudden death. Furthermore, chlorophyll and the digestive enzymes in authentic green barley assist the body to gain the right pH-level.
Green Barley has extraordinary therapeutic powers, as this powdered juice is a lot more than just a regular health product. Consuming barley daily 30 minutes ahead of your meal or 2 hours after meal is a good way of ensuring you have the resource to fight diseases such as ulcer, high blood pressure, asthma, leukemia, prostate cancer, migraine, acne, and a lot more of diseases that usually require a surgeries or a long period to naturally heal.
To be certain that you safely gain from natural and pure barley healing, it’s essential that you buy your live food supplement from a respectable and legitimate dealer of green barley: a total food. It’s likewise necessary that you examine the product packaging and its components to verify the authenticity of the supplement. Buy your product pack at Green Barley Philippines Web site at www.greenbarleyphilippines.com/green-barley-dealership.


Green Barley Powder Juice is Highly Alkaline

Green Barley Powder : Best Alkaline Resource


How to balance body ph with highly alkaline green barley powder

Health Check: Is your body pH normal? Drink green barley to balance the acidity-alkalinity ratio of your body. Photo credit: KROMKRATHOG @freedigitalphotos.net

To completely know how Green Barley powder functions as the great tool to balance the body’s pH level, it’s essential to educate yourself first on the value and use of alkaline. Any time you eat, the foods you consume leave behind remnants of alkaline or traces of acid. Should your body exhibit substantial traces of acid, it will become more vulnerable to a lot of health conditions. To avoid or combat this from happening, you have to raise your consumption of foods loaded with alkaline. This can reinstate your body’s pH level. To attain the balance, doctors advice that there should be a 60% to 40% share, leaning towards alkalinity. In some situations, particularly when there is an excessive amount of acid within the body, 80% alkaline to 20% acid is required.
The standard pH level of the body should be in between 7.35 and 7.45 gauge. Once your body shows an appraise of below the 7.0 mark, you are deemed acidic. When it’s lower than 7.0, your body is undoubtedly going to be assaulted by infection that cause result to severe health conditions. On the other hand, an unusual increase of alkalinity is not encouraged too since the body need to have enough acid to break down food effectively.
The disproportion between alkaline and acidity can be risky for anyone. The fact is, doctors say that the pH imbalance may even result to cancer. Individuals who are afflicted by psychological stress or fatigue may also result in acidity. For this reason, a meal plan composed of enough alkaline-forming foods is compulsory. A meal devoid of alkaline in it to assist your body with food digestion can result to acid overload that will in turn make your day-to-day life particularly unpleasant.
This is why you need Green Barley powder, a highly alkaline juice. A couple of glasses of barley juice will give your body an increase of natural nutritional supplements than a minimum of half a dozen full portions of fruits and veggies can bring. Barley juice likewise eradicates poisons that are harmful for you since these foreign bodies can generate cancer cells, may cause cardiac arrest and in some cases, failure of multiple organs. To top it all, the barley juice can actually decelerate your process of aging.
Sipping green barley powder daily eliminates your need to constantly eat fruits and veggies. This is great for those who are not into vegetables a lot. This is also a benefit for people who are constantly out and about and don’t have the time and energy to cook or prepare their own meals. Furthermore, aside from the alkaline factor of Green Barley, it can also help in solving even the most typical health condition like pimples.
With all the numerous health improvements of Green Barley powder, a lot of people might imagine that this super food is simply for individuals who are unwell. As opposed to this false impression, barley juice will work for everybody, regardless of age. Drinking barley even if you’re already perfectly healthy is fine as well. After all, integrating a diet loaded with alkaline to generate a balance to your body’s pH level as well as to avoid any sudden spike of your blood sugar is a pretty good deal.