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The Perks of Drinking Juice Made from Authentic Barley Grass

Drink Only the Original Juice from Barley Grass

Drinking green barley grass juice will make you a person on the go.

Drinking green barley grass juice will make you a person on the go. Photo credit: imagerymajestic @www.freedigitalphotos.net

Barley grass is among the green grasses – but it’s so much more than the regular ones. There are many plants packed with nutrition, but it’s only green barley grass that has the wide range of nutrients.
Considerable amounts of vitamins and minerals are found in barley grass. Included in these are calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, beta carotene, zinc, and folate. Green Barley, a juice made from barley grass, is considered to possess 30 plus times more vitamin B1 and more than 10 times the quantity of calcium than there is in a cow’s milk. The juice contains half a dozen times as much carotene and nearly five times the iron content of spinach. It has even four times the vitamin B1 that you can get from a while wheat flour.
Green barley grass contains live enzymes. Enzymes are essential regulators of the body. Without these nutrients, body cells cannot operate and the body can simple perish if there’s a deficiency on enzymes. Believed to have a thousand plus enzymes, barley grass has one of the maximum natural levels of Superoxide Dismutase, which is a potent antioxidant that safeguards the cells against poisonous free radicals, which are regarded as the primary reason for fast aging.
Barley grass is also made up of one of the most outstanding nutrients – the chlorophyll. This is an organic detoxifier that eliminates the stores toxins in the intestines. It’s not necessary to drink Green Barley just to get chlorophyll, as it is present in all dark green vegetables. However, the question is how many servings of green leafy veggies can you actually eat on a daily basis? And even if you’re a vegetarian, there’s a limit of quantity of spinach and the likes that you can eat. Hence, drinking Green Barley is the wisest decision that you can do for your health.

With green barley: a total food, you’re assured of with the wide range of nutrition that you can’t get from any other sources. Buy your product pack at www.greenbarleyphilippines.com/green-barley-dealership


Green Barley Powder Juice

Green Barley Powder Juice to the Rescue

Your health is in good hands with green barley.

Thumbs up for ORIGINAL Green Barley Powder Juice! Photo by imagerymajestic @www.freedigitalphotos.net

If you check out health news these days, you’d be swamped with notices and reminders that today is the time to go organic when it comes to food. This isn’t a bad thing altogether since medical experts discovered that essential enzymes needed by the body to do its works properly are found in raw fruits and veggies. But because not a lot of people are keen in eating raw foods, that’s where Green Barley powder comes to the rescue.

It’s high time that you replace your artificial vitamin and mineral supplements in your medicine cabinet since majority of these “supplements” just pass through the digestive system and are not immersed in the body. So you are basically taking supplements for nothing. Instead of those tablets, drink Green Barley powder. This barley juice is packed with essential enzymes that will be absorbed by the body.

Barley Enzymes

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is one very essential enzyme that you can get from barley. The core purpose of this potent antioxidant is to get rid of toxic substances from the cells in the body. Studies have revealed that SOD can even repair DNA in older active cells and restore their functions. This can result to reduced threat of cancer and other severe illnesses. Green barley powder is the best “organic” source of SOD that you can easily purchase on and offline.

Barley Amino Acids

Aside from enzymes, green barley is also packed with amino acids. These type of acids are important because they are helpful in growing, repairing and maintaining tissues. Because Green Barley powder is from young barley leaves, the powdered juice retains 45% of pure protein that contains all amino acids the body needs.

Barley Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the substance that makes green barley leaves green. This element is known to be an anti-inflammatory agent that is very useful for people suffering from metabolic disorders. Chlorophyll is also considered as a total body deodorant. It can easily eradicate anaerobic bacteria because it can easily break down carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen.

These are just three out of the numerous benefits that you can get from Green barley powder. As you can see, barley juice is a tremendously potent real food supplement that contains all the nutrients the body needs to survive. When you make a habit of drinking barley juice every day, you’d actually slow down your aging process as well. But more than these effects, you’d also experience how barley juice can help you prevent and/or cure whatever is bothering you, health-wise.

Order your product pack at http://www.greenbarleyphilippines.com/green-barley-dealership. We’d be glad to assist you.

Pure Barley Healing from Green Barley: A Total Food

Green Barley: A Total Food for Pure Healing


Health Check drink only the original green barley

Reality Health Check: Are you drinking ONLY the ORIGINAL green barley: a total food? Photo credit: David Castillo Dominici @www.freedigitalphotos.net

Since we were kids, our parents have urged us to eat as much green vegetables as possible. This is not a surprise since green veggies are known for a number of health benefits. But no all parents know that one of the best green plants that are used since the ancient times is barley. Well, it’s about time that barley takes the center stage for a change since according to Green Barley Essence, barley expert, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwana’s health book, pure barley or natural and organic barley is the sole vegetation that we need to survive.

Barley contains a powerful antioxidant that fights toxins and free radicals that result to fast aging, chronic illnesses or worse, cancer cell formations.
Juice from pure barley grass also prevents bad chemicals from invading our digestive systems, thanks mainly to the chlorophyll the grass holds. The great thing about barley is that drinking the juice daily is equivalent to eating a whole lot of spinach, green beans, kale, and other green veggies every day. In juice form, just by mixing 250ml of water into 22 grams of barley in the bottle, we can get all the nutrients our bodies need.
Because of the various nutrients that the body gets from pure barley, the juice is recommended as prevention and/or cure for many diseases. The composition of barley juice acts positively to enhance all the systems of the body. Since barley contains the magnificent chlorophyll, the body has a shield against tumor formations and effects. To further illustrate the many benefits of barley, here are a number of diseases that it can effectively prevent and/or cure.
Digestive problems such as stomatitis, gastritis, ulcer, pancreatitis and even the deadly anorexia can be healed with barley juice.
Diseases that target the liver such as hepatitis and cholecystitis can be prevented or cured with the help of barley.
Chronic cardio-vascular illnesses such as hypertension, hypotension, and heart diseases can be treated with constant intake of barley juice.
Insomnia, epilepsy, and other nervous system issues are listed on the disorders that pure barley juice can help control and even go away.
Illnesses caused by metabolism such as obesity, vitamin deficiency and even diabetes can be suppressed or cured by barley.
Respiratory system’s common disorders like asthma, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and the likes are also part of the barley-to-fight-diseases.
Aside from the aforementioned major body disorders, pure barley can also help with preventing and/or treating malignancies, aka the big C.
Furthermore, barley can also work wonders in treating hormonal disorders (dysmenorrhea), bone diseases (arthritis, rheumatic fever, etc.), skin conditions (acne, eczema, dermatitis), and reproductive issues (infertility).

Buy Green Barley: A Total Food for pure healing

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Barley Grass Benefits

The Vast Barley Grass Benefits

Barley grass is fast becoming a popular health food supplement these days. This type of grass is more than adequate in giving an extensive nutritional help to the body. Barley is both a staple food and source of ‘medicine’ to many cultures all around the world since 7000 BC. These days, a lot of people are enjoying the vast barely grass benefits. Before, barley was primarily cultivated because of its grain. But recent studies show the majority of barley grass benefits for various illnesses. The vastness of these health gains is so tremendous that barley is recognized by Dr. Hagiwara, green barley scientist as the only plant food that has all the nutrients you need to survive. Because of this, it’s hardly a wonder why there’s now a clamor for Green Barley.

These are just examples of barley grass benefits that you can get from a bottle of Green Barley.

Vitamin C

Barley is packed with vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamin C. In fact, studies show that the vitamin C level of barley is seven times greater than that you’d get from an orange. Vitamin C is very important to the body. It primarily works with the immune system. If you have Vitamin C deficiency, you’d most likely be sick all the time since you don’t have health warriors that can combat even the most common of illnesses. Vitamin C from Green Barley can also decrease the chances of hypertension, making it an ideal “real food” drink for people who are prone to elevated blood pressure.

Cancer-Cell Buster

Possibly one of the major barley grass benefits is that it can actually kill poisonous cells that create cancers. Barley is perceived as the kind of grass that can hamper cancer cells’ multiplication, hence its ability to control cancer.


Green Barley, made from organic barley grass, is packed with iron. This real food supplement is loaded about five times greater iron as spinach, which makes it the best supplement to counterbalance fatigue. Iron is the element that helps pull out all the energy that can be found in foods. Iron is so important to the body because if you don’t have enough of it, you’ll have a hard time extracting all nutrients in your food.

Powerful Antioxidants

One of the best barley grass benefits is its powerful antioxidant. If your body is properly sustained with antioxidant, you’d easily get rid of toxins that can harm the body and free radicals that can cause chronic illnesses. The powerful antioxidant found in Green Barley juice can also prevent inflammation developments and cure inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Skin Cleaner

Aside from the above-mentioned barley grass benefits, Green Barley is also popular because of its benefits to the skin. Barley can cure skin conditions from the typical acne to the dreadful eczema.

Weight Loss

This particular benefit of barley is vital to people who are trying to lose weight. Because Green Barley is already a “real food supplement,” it is naturally a hunger suppressant. This is ideal for those who are having a hard time changing their eating habits for the better.

Green Barley Dealership

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