Policies and Guidelines for Green Barley Dealers

Green Barley Dealer : Guidelines and Policies

  1. A green barley dealer guarantees that all details in his information sheet are true and accurate upon which Health Wealth International Corp. can completely depend for its reference.
  2. A dealer is an independent entrepreneur/entity and his/her association with HWIC does not create any principal-agent, master-servant, employee-employer, joint venture, or partnership/relationship.
  3. The green barley dealer is authorized to sell to any customer and is hereby allowed to submit all the necessary documents, i.e., information sheet, bank deposits or money order payable towards the purchase of any HWIC’s products. Check payments should be made payable to HWIC and directly remitted to authorized cashiers of HWIC. Dealers are not authorized nor sanctioned by HWIC to accept cash payments. HWIC shall not be liable for any monetary loss in the course of remittance of payments.
  4. Pursuant to Consumer Act of the Philippines. All dealers shall be entitled to the corresponding commissions as stipulated in the HWIC Dealership Plan. In line with this, HWIC reserves the right to withhold appropriate taxes from the commissions and other monetary benefits of its dealers. This shall be remitted directly to the Bureau of Internal Revenue by HWIC.
  5. Every Dealer’s DPN is required to have a personal Annual Sales Maintenance.
  6. If a green barley dealer is unable to reach the personal Annual Sales Maintenance up to his/her anniversary date (1 year) he/she has the chance to pay off the corresponding cash equivalent.
  7. A grace period of three months after his/her anniversary date is given to each dealer  to perform in order to remain in the green barley dealership program.
  8. If in case a dealer was not able to meet the Annual Sales Maintenance, despite the grace period given to him/her, the dealer with its corresponding DPN will no longer exist in the system.
  9. HWIC offers 100% customer satisfaction. Dealers may ask for replacement for products purchased from any distribution outlets, as long as it is within the allowable period applicable for each product as company policies dictates. Dealers will be given a replacement item if the above condition is satisfied.
  10. Dealers shall initiate all possible marketable means to promote and sell HWIC products to the best of his/her ability.
  11. The death of a dealer automatically terminates all his/her personal benefits under any and all HWIC account/s, except those pecuniary benefits accruing herefrom during the lifetime of the Dealer, afterwhich benefits shall be released to his/her legal heirs and/or beneficiaries upon presentation of proper documents.
  12. In accordance with banking practices, checks issued to a dealer must be claimed and negotiated within six months from date of issuance. However, if a check remains unclaimed for a period of one year, any amount due hereunder shall be deemed forfeited.
  13. The dealer shall not associate nor connect, directly or indirectly, as an agent, distributor, worker, associate or partner with any multi-level marketing company, particularly engaged in a business which is in direct competition with and/or utilizing the same or similar business plan as HWIC. Any violation of this provision shall warrant the unilateral termination of the Dealer’s account with HWIC.
  14. HWIC reserves the right, after due hearing, to suspend/terminate the account of any dealer who is found guilty of making false representations and prejudicial to the interest of HWIC, fraudulent acts committed against HWIC or his/her colleagues in HWIC, or is otherwise found committing acts inimical or damaging to the reputation and goodwill of HWIC without prejudice to the right of HWIC to file the necessary suit in court. As such, this, likewise warrants the suspension and eventual forfeiture of all unreleased and/or accruing commissions and other fringe benefits pertaining to the green barley dealer’s account/with HWIC.
  15. HWIC reserves the right, after due hearing, to likewise cancel the account of any dealer found guilty of violating internal operation policies of HWIC. In addition, all unreleased and/or accruing commissions and other benefits pertaining to the dealer’s account/s with HWIC pending investigation and hearing shall be suspended and once found guilty shall be forfeited in favor of the company.
  16. HWIC encourages mutual aid and team-work among its dealers. Any dealer found guilty, after due hearing, of having swayed or influenced other HWIC dealers to transfer from one sales group to another shall be given proper sanctions, including forfeiture of commissions for grave violations.
  17. In case of cancellation of a dealer’s accounts under (13), (14), and (15) hereof, a dealer shall not be entitled to any refund of his/her payment for the HWIC product pack.
  18. HWIC may seek enforcement of its rights herein in any court of the Philippines where it has its main offices or branches and/or terminate this agreement upon default of a dealer of his/her obligation as set forth herein and/or in the company policy manual. This is HWIC management option.
  19. The green barley dealer vows that she/he has read and fully understood the provision herein and obligates himself/herself to update of any subsequent and/or future alteration, amendments and/or additions hereto as stipulated by HWIC in order to comply with applicable laws and prevailing economic conditions.

(From Dealer’s Information Sheet)

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