What is the recommended dosage to drink green barley?

Our barley is not a medicine but a superfood. Here’s the recommended dosage in drinking our barley juice.

The minimum recommended dosage for adults in drinking green barley is 30ml (daily maintenance). When sick, dosage may be increased to 60ml.

Below is the recommended dosage from 0 age to over 10 years (based from clients’ experience and our experience, yes, green barley is good for kids). Try it to believe it.

  1. Minimum recommended dosage for ZERO age (0) to 1 year old: 0.5ml; When sick, increase dosage to 1ml.
  2. For over a year old baby, 5ml dosage (daily maintenance); 10ml when sick.
  3. For 2-9 years: 15ml dosage (daily maintenance); 30ml when sick
  4. For over 10 years:  30ml (daily maintenance); 60ml up when sick

LINK: How to drink green barley


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